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These Women Breaks Gender

Stereotype By Saying Yes

To 'First Move'

by Sherry Tadeja, February 26, 2019 2:30pm

Get him, girl!

Vox Pop

These Women Breaks Gender Stereotype By Saying Yes To 'First Move'

by Sherry Tadeja, February 26, 2019 2:30pm
Get him, girl!

The Philippines is a country still bounded by tale-old tradition, religion and patriarchy—we’re not even on the hot subject of “telling women how to dress” yet—Filipina women have put up with a lot. This also includes gender stereotypes or labeling women and men in what they should do or what shouldn’t do based on their assigned sex.

Men being labeled men are expected to be masculine, insensitive and strong. While women should be feminine, emotional, and obeying. These are just basics for even in relationships there are anticlimactic expectations. A great example is an age-old taboo when women make the "first move" a.k.a. the asking, confessing, and gesturing interest to another is considered aggressive or un-lady-like.

Well, women of today know what they want and who they want. These women say “yes” to make the first move so why won’t you? Read their answers below!

"I always do the first move coz, why not? Be straightforward in the things and the person you want. For me, I want to know if that person likes me too and I have nothing to lose. ‘Di naman ikakababa ng pagkababae mo 'yun. And yes, I'm also an advocate of removing gender stereotypes."

- Abigail, 25, Dietician

"Anyone who has feelings (regardless sa gender) should take the chance to express them. What's important is nasabi mo 'yung gusto mong sabihin sa tao (without making that person feel na entitled siya to reciprocate your feelings)."

- Erika, 25, Managing Editor

"Yes, I am proud to say I took the risk. Actually 'di ko nakikita na dapat guys palagi ang umaamin sa mga ganitongbagay or anything related sa efforts sa relationship. If you like the person, then take the initiative. It's now or never, ikanga nila,"

- Laica, 24, Business Processor Analyst

"I made the first move in my relationship I was the first one to admit that I liked him. Sabi niya, later on, had I not told him that, he might have missed the opportunity to get together with me kasi he's the type who enjoys being alone and independent and he was single for a long time before naging kami."

We're turning 5 years in September! Nung umamin ako sa kanya, I wasn't sure if he felt the same but we had been constantly talking for a month na nun. I guess it's a calculated risk you should take if you like someone tapos may konting hope ka na baka he sort of feels the same."

- Mich, 23, Content Writer

"I did the first move, kasi alam ko naman na gusto niya na din ako. Ngayon happily married na kami."

- Noreen, 24, Former Financial Adviser

"Go akosa first move kasiwala akong time magpakipot or maghintay kung torpe 'yung guy."

- Pearl, 26, Editor-In-Chief

"Super yes to this. What's to lose if a girl makes the first move? Maraming cases na either mas strong ang personality ng babae or nasa stage lang sya na mas keri niyang i-confront ang feelings niya. If we want equality then dapat panindigan talaga, not just enjoy the privileges of it."

- Maris, 23, College Student

Making the first move is not wholly on women empowerment nor breaking the gender stereotypes it’s also about owning up to one’s feelings and not create a world of "what-ifs" and regrets after.

Women, men—anyone in the spectrum, let’s break our bubbles of inhibitions and be the one to make it happen if you want it to happen. For doing the most have the greatest rewards after.

These interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.


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