Inside Manila's Release Radar:

New Music This February

by Maria Romero, February 22, 2019 10:23am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila's Release Radar: New Music This February

by Maria Romero, February 22, 2019 10:23am
Art by Dani Elevazo

We’re only halfway down February and our favorite bands already gifted us with seven new tracks. Indeed, there’s no better way to celebrate arts and love month but with new music from our homegrown acts.

Hit that play button and listen to these new releases:

‘Heartbreaker’ by Earl of Manila
“Every time I try to get over you, you hit me up, and I don’t want you to. You’re a heartbreaker.”

“Heartbreaker” is for the benched, ghosted, and broken-hearted. The song’s nostalgic groove and modern beats also take on a path of dark emotional chord progressions—classic Earl of Manila signature melodies.

‘Luna’ by Cheats
“Oh, my love, we’ll keep on dreaming.”

In time for the first birthday of Jim and Saab Bacarro’s twins, their band Cheats released “Luna” as a tribute to their daughter’s passing.This song is every wish they want to whisper to their angel, Luna Isabel.

‘I Wish’ by Niki Colet
“You and I both know what we’re afraid to show.”

This song is about the magical moments in a lasting relationship—from the first glance to days spent blissfully as they grow together. “I Wish” is Niki Colet’s new single off of her forthcoming EP Endless Summer on March 23.

‘Four Corners’ by Oh, Flamingo!
“When the day comes that I will have to face the truth about what happened between me and you.”

“Four Corners” is both a confession and a promise for the one that got away from the genre-bending band Oh, Flamingo!. It’s their sophomore single off their upcoming debut album. Watch its official music video on YouTube.

‘Asked You To Dance’ by Pinkmen
“I asked you to dance, but you said no.”

“Asked You To Dance” is a nostalgic folk-rock song about modern courtship from Pinkmen, an alternative folk-rock band. This debut single sets what listeners are about to hear from the band—fun songs, sad stories, and everything in between.

‘Mitsa (Salamat)’ by Ben&Ben
“Pag wala na naman tayong nararamdaman ay mabuti pang itigil na’ng, kunwa-kunwari lang.”

“Mitsa (Salamat)” is Ben&Ben’s latest single about reminiscing, letting go, and accepting that some things aren’t meant to be. It’s a beautiful narrative about the importance of keeping the flames from burning out. Watch its lyric video on YouTube.

‘Dahan’ by December Avenue
“‘Di mo ba naririnig pintig ng aking dibdib? Lumalayo na sa'yo ang damdamin ko.”

You read that right! December Avenue’s “Dahan” is officially on Spotify. It is about slowly surrendering a love that’s not worth fighting for.

Does your new favorite song made it to the list? Happy listening! Stream the full playlist here:


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