Real Talk

Breaking the Routine: The

Bucket List of an


by Anne Marielle Eugenio, February 22, 2019 11:30am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Real Talk

Breaking the Routine: The Bucket List of an Introvert

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, February 22, 2019 11:30am
Art by Dani Elevazo

My day usually goes like this: Get up early, go to work, go home. With an eight to five work schedule during weekdays and church and family time on weekends, I'm comfortable with what I would call a “routine”. In between, I prefer to read or just sleep.

People say I’m an introvert—a “shy” person who is not a fan of social interactions. I love interacting with people, just not too much or too often, especially if I barely know them. I could, but that would drain my limited social battery, which will only make me crave for my bed. Goodbye, enthusiastic self.

So I spend most of the time at home. I enjoy others’ company but it is nothing compared to my alone time. The routine I call my own is enough to keep me busy all throughout the week. But even I, a lover of routines, think I’ve been spending too much time in my comfort zone. Hate to admit it but sometimes my usual habits become monotonous and boring.

This thought led me to list down the things that scare the world out of me but I would like to try them someday, too. There are tons of things but here are my priorities:

Perform in an open mic spoken word poetry event

It has always amazed me how people can bare their souls onstage. I consider transforming thoughts into wordplay as a gift and every spoken word artist has it. Watching a spoken word performance, whether online or live, always leaves me in awe.

I'm not frightened to be on stage. But sharing my work, my own thoughts and words with an audience—that's a different story. THAT is scary. But this is one fear I want to overcome once and for all.

If I would share my first poem with an audience, my dream venue would’ve been Sev’s Cafe in Manila. Too bad it had its last bow in 2016. But there are still lots of cafes and restos around Manila where I can share my poetry...soon.


Travel solo

I never wanted to go out alone. Out of town or out of the country trips are usually with my family members and we rarely travel. The fact that I have to arrange my accommodation, transportation, and itinerary makes traveling less appealing.

Then again, I’ll never be able to love being outdoors or discover more of what the world has to offer if I am just always at home. Maybe I’ll start small and visit nearby places instead, like Rizal or Cavite. Is Tagaytay a good idea for starters?


Go to a rock concert

I only buy tickets for theatre plays, not concerts. Concerts, especially rock or EDM, are a little too loud for me. But I’ve always wondered how would it feel to sing or dance along and scream my lungs out. The headbanging, jumping, and dancing with a crowd might help me loosen up. I’m a fan of bands but I’m looking for something more of a hardcore rock—Pulp Summer Slam level. Got any artist suggestions?

This would definitely be one of my priorities. Mosh pit, here I come!


Try bungee jumping

My editor once told me I use a lot of "safe words" when I write. Even in doing things I love the most, I can’t take risks *cries*. So here I am, adding bungee jumping to my routine-breakers.

There are too many “what-ifs” every time I look at people who tries bungee jumping. I’m scared of free falling—not in the hugot kind of way. What better way to go out of my comfort zone than to try the one thing I’m afraid of: jumping into the unknown.

If it’ll be the death of me, at least I did something exciting for once. Kidding.


Making the first move

If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s being in a room full of people I barely know. What I dislike more? Interacting with them. I seldom make the first move and if I do, I’m awkward and sloppy. Being a wallflower is my specialty, but it is not in my plans to just wither. It’s scarier for me to approach someone I don’t know than to try bungee jump—all the more reason to strike a conversation with a complete stranger.

So, self, this is my challenge: Stop making excuses. Go to parties. Make some new acquaintances, maybe even friends.


Making this to-do list made me realize how I spend most of the time at the comforts of my home or at the back of the crowd. It’s like I spend too much time in school but refuse to join educational field trips. And while the lessons learned inside the classroom are important, nothing beats the experience. I think I’ve closed the doors on the world for far too long. It’s time to open them now.

So, where and how do I start? Wish me luck!


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