#KeepGoing: James Reid, other celebrities show support for Nadine Lustre

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED October 12, 2017 02:53 pm | UPDATED October 12, 2017 03:41 pm

(Inside Manila) Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre and her family quietly grieved the death of 16-year-old Isaiah Lustre, who, according to reports, took his own life using a gun. It was said that the teen is suffering from depression.

Nadine kept a low profile about the unfortunate incident and took to social media her support to the World Mental Health Day, which was celebrated on October 10.


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The "Showtime" host posted a black and white photo of words "You are stronger than depression". She also shared a photo of a semicolon with the hashtag "Keep Going" on her IG stories.

PEP/Nadine Lustre's IG story

PEP/Nadine Lustre's IG story

Semicolon represents a person's intention of taking his own life but decided to keep going instead.

Likewise, Nadine's boyfriend, James Reid posted the symbol as a sign of support to Nadine and the World Mental Health Day. Their friends, Bret Jackson, Lauren Reid, Jack Reid, Alexander Diaz, Kiana Valenciano, and Sam Concepcion also posted semicolons on their Instagram accounts for the cause.

Myrtle Sarrosa, on the other hand, indirectly expressed her condolences and grief over the death of a Lustre family member.

"I just wish I got the chance to see you again. I won't ever forget the brief moment we spoke about life. Thank you. You will be missed," her post read.

While Nadine did not release any statement about her brother's death, she shared lyrics of Coldplay's “Everglow” on social media and her fans can only assume that it is for her brother.

PEP/Nadine Lustre's IG story

"But the changing of winds, and the way waters flow life as short as the falling sonow and now I'm gonna miss you I know," she wrote.

In a Journal report, Isaiah was found bathing in his own blood and gunshot wounds were found on his head. The incident transpired last Saturday night, October 7.

He was rushed to hospital but failed to make it alive. His father refused to have it investigated since the family is convinced that it really was suicide.



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