Ubial’s son expresses grief on CA’s rejection

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED October 12, 2017 11:54 am

(Inside Manila) The son of the former health chief Paulyn Ubial took to social media his disappointment on the Commission on Appointment’s rejection on the ad interim appointment of his mother.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, October 10, Karl Rosell Ubial expressed his grief saying that the commission has not only rejected a cabinet official, but also a 29-year career of a hardworking and dedicated woman.

Karl started the post with a line: “Today, a part of me died.”

“Today, the honorable commission on appointments has not only rejected a cabinet official; it has rejected a CAREER— a career spanning 29 years. 22 of which were a huge part of my life,” he said.

He added that his mother, who only wanted to make the Philippines a better place, fought hard.

“My mother will walk out that hall— jobless, and vacated from a career that she worked hard for from the ground up. She accepted the risk when she accepted the appointment — that the risk was higher for her because there was no job waiting for her upon her rejection, yet she fought.”

He also dismissed the “false allegations” against the former health secretary, noting that his mother worked with “good government service and reputation that made her viable for the position.”

Moreover, Karl responds to Senator Manny Pacquiao’s desire for a public apology after the prior criticized the senator on social media.

Ubial’s son, however, refused to apologize to Pacquiao for upholding his duty as a Filipino citizen.

He said in the same Facebook post: “Senator Pacquiao asked me for an apology, and I will indulge him with one. I apologize for being too young, and for being too brash. I will not however, apologize for doing my duty, being a citizen of this country. I will not apologize for being a voter— the voice of one amidst the voice of a multitude. I will not apologize for being a Filipino.”

The controversial post was a shared article from GMA News with a headline “Pacquiao says no one but God can judge ex-Pre Marcos."

Karl commented: "Only God can judge Marcos. Supports judgment through death penalty."

Pacquiao brought up a screenshot of Karl’s post during the CA’s committee on health hearing on Ubial’s appointment.

The senator has then told the former health chief to tell her son to avoid making such comments against the administration.

Ubial was the fifth Cabinet member appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte that was rejected by the CA.

Among other officials, who failed to get the CA's nod are Perfecto Yasay (Foreign Affairs), Gina Lopez (Environment and Natural Resources), Judy Taguiwalo (Social Welfare and Development), and Rafael Mariano (Agrarian Reform).



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