7 Easy DIY makeup looks for the Halloween

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED October 11, 2017 11:24 am | UPDATED October 11, 2017 03:33 pm
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(Inside Manila) Before everything and everyone get into the Christmas spirit, the spookiness of Halloween comes first.

Even though the country is more inclined in the traditional All Souls Day wherein Filipinos visit the graves of their loved ones who have passed, this event has become a gateway for creepy television specials and horror movies.

Halloween costumes also come into play for this month. From simple interpretation to realistic details, it all takes up some skill to do. But if the Halloween spirit is really into you, why not check out these Halloween looks that are easy, glammed and totally into the month of spooky stuff.


The easiest and most basic Halloween makeup for anyone! Be the iconic Dracula with a smokey eye makeup, dark lipstick, and a little bit smudging. Why not finish the look by drawing in vampire bite mark to show you're into human blood as of the moment.


Be the fierce lion/lioness you're always meant to be by doing some golden smokey eye makeup, and fierce winged eyeliner that goes beyond the eyes’ tear ducts. Slay this look with a crisp cat nose and lip.


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Who doesn’t want to be a cute Bambi for this month? A deer makeup is an easy last minute look you can throw in to get into the Halloween spirit. Create a bronze eye look, extended cat eye, and those cute deer nose and lip and you're good to go.

Harley Quinn

The crazy yet sexy character from the Suicide Squad movie has been a favorite Halloween look. Throw in a pale foundation, the infamous pink and blue eyeshadow, a red lipstick (smudge it of course) and you're good to go! Some crazy hair is perfect for this look.


The mermaid makeup maybe too glam to be easy but it is actually easy! Grab some handy hairnet and blue eye shadow and trace it on the sides of the face, and neck. Pop your eyes also with blue and some for your lips and you're very much a mermaid as you can ever hope to be.


Be that Barbie girl in the Barbie world with this glammed look! Simply put on your best pink eyeshadows, lipstick and gloss. Don't forget to recreate the doll's iconic eyelashes.


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Pop Art

Be straight out of a comic strip with this fun and creative look. Make parts of your face look three-dimensional using black face paint.


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