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On Celebrating Valentine’s Day:

Singles Reveal How They

Survive It

by Shara Mae Balce, February 14, 2019 10:08am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Vox Pop

On Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Singles Reveal How They Survive It

by Shara Mae Balce, February 14, 2019 10:08am

For some the 14th day of February is a special day to spend with your significant other, for others it’s just another normal day, going to the usual grind. It can still suck at times enduring all the gushy romance of couples and even if you try to ignore it, the celebration of love, as they say, conquers all.

We asked single people on their thoughts about Valentine’s Day and how they make most out of the day:

Albert, 21, NBSB

“I’ll spend quality time with myself—good food, pampering session, watch my favorite movie. I love Valentine’s Day! Being single doesn’t make me hate this special day because seeing a lot of people in love makes me happy. Para bang mas tumitibay ang pananampalataya ko sa pag-ibig.”

Angelou, 21, 3 months single

Mag-rereview and prepare for the exams. Prelims na po eh. Hmmm, wala eh, it’s just an ordinary day.”

Roselle, 23, in a relationship a month ago

“Work, ang dami kong pendings. Also, kung may jowa naman ako, magwo-work pa rin ako. Kasi, pwede namang sa weekend na lang mag-date or what, eh.”

Nessy, 22, single by choice and circumstance

Tambay lang with friends. Manonood ng gig kapag may naabutan pang ticket.

Caryl, 22, fresh from a breakup

“Self-care and date with myself. I feel excited about Valentine’s Day, to be honest. I am excited to have more time for myself. Hahaha!”

Marielle, 22, happy with family and friends

Magta-trabaho on that day. Then on the weekend, date with bro and fam. I don’t have any ‘hard feelings’ towards Valentine’s Day kahit single ako, TBH. In fact, I even go on a date with my family. It’s like any other day except for the fact that malls are swarming with more people and traffic is worse than usual. Maybe, that’s the downside of this celebration.”

Alyza, 22, single since birth

Mag-vacation leave. WOOOO! Nag-file ako ng VL para manood ng UP Fair with friends. Eh kaso, ubos na raw tickets. So, gagala na lang if ever. HAHAHA”

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter at all. You may not have significant other to spend the “hearts day” with, but this isn’t a reason to drown yourself in bitterness. Fortunately, you have friends, family, or just yourself to enjoy this day. It’s important to be grateful for having them in your life, while you wait for your real Valentine to come. Spread the love!


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