Fly your name on the next mission to Mars with NASA

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED October 10, 2017 02:18 pm
Photo from NASA

(Inside Manila) In an effort to stir public interest in its space exploration program, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is once again allowing the public to get their names on Mars via the Insight lander.

Upon visiting the official submission form page, you may choose to fill up the “New Flyers” form or the “Frequent Flyers” one, the latter pertaining to those who sent their names to Mars via the Orion spacecraft back in 2014.

You will be prompted to input your name, country, postal code, and email address, and submit it to NASA. You will then receive a personalized “boarding pass” that can be printed, and even framed for keeps.

As of publication, 1,239,704 individuals from all over the world have already submitted, with 16,968 coming from the Philippines.

Deadline has been set for November 1 but just like last time, you can still sign up past it for future missions.

Insight Mission to Mars will depart on May 2018 at Vandenberg AFB, California, USA. It will land on November 2018 at Elysium Planitia, "Plain of Ideal Happiness" in Mars and be permanently left on Martian surface, along with the microchips that contain names.



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