LOOK: Films to be featured in 'Tingin ASEAN film festival'

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED October 10, 2017 03:05 pm

(Inside Manila) In hopes to draw a composite pictures of modern Southeast Aia through film, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) is set to hold "Tingin ASEAN Film Festival' this October.

"Tingin" will feature an array of Southeast Asian films with different genres ranging from drama to documentary and will be screened at the Shang Cineplex Cinema from October 11 to 15.

The film fest will feature an "Official Selection", which includes masterpieces that made waves in their respective countries and the international scene. Films for this section were chosen by the cultural ministries if the ASEAN members.

Moreover, the festival also has a "Filipino Tastemakers" section, which features ASEAN films chosen by actor and producer Piolo Pascual, screenwriter and producer Moira Lang, and film critic Patrick F. Campos.

Here are the films you should watch out for!

Noor Alimin bin Haji Garip

This horror film tells the story of Pak Suparto's disappearance. Since he vanished out of thin air, his house becomes abandoned and empty and is said to be haunted by spirits since he left it. Foolhardy Fuat then moved in just to check if rumors are true and soon discovered the mystery enveloping Suparto's house.

Solo, Solitude
Yosep Anggi Noen

Based on the true life events, “Solo, Solitude” focuses on Indonesian poet and activist Wiji Thukul, who was forced into hiding after being targeted by the government. The film shows Thukul's escape to Borneo for eight months, moving from house to house and changing identities. Throughout his journey, he did not forget the family that he left in Solo, Java even once.

Hatta Azad Khan

“Wayang” follows the story of master puppeteer Awang Lah, who became an uneasy teacher to Melor and blind orphan Awi. Awi has new ways of telling Ramayana but Awang believes that Wayang Kulit is sacred. When Awang collapses, Awi and Melor was left to revive the dying art of Wayang Kulit.

Khuan Nang
Somphong Phondy

In this drama film, a woman named Khuan Nang became separated from the love of her life. It follows the story of her trying to deal with her grief and heartbreak.

Ang Damgo ni Eluteria Kirchbaum
Remton Zoasola

Shot in just a single take, “Damgo” (Cebuano for dream) portrays the heartbreaking story of island girl, Terya, who is about to leave her homeland to marry a foreigner. The dreams of the people around her depends on her departure. She will soon have to decide to stay or leave.

Anthony Chen

Set in the year 1997, “Ilo-Ilo” tells the story of the Lim family in Singapore and their new Filipina maid, Teresa, who went overseas to find a better life. As she becomes an unspoken part of the clan, Teresa begins to form a bond with the Lims' young and troublesome son, Jiale.

The Island Funeral
Pimpaka Towira

In this odd tale, Laila went to Pattani, one of the southernmost province in Thailand, with her brother and his friend to visit her aunt. As they embark on a journey to their aunt, the route leads them to discover a land stranger than what they are familiar with.

Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass
Victo Vu

Set in mid-1980s in Vietnam, “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” tells the coming of age story of brothers of Thieu (12) and Tuong (8). It is revealed that Tuong idolizes his older brother but it turns out, Thieu is actually jealous of his younger brother.

Kayan Beauties
Aung Ko Latt

The story revolves around three Kayan women travelling to the city along with a young girl as their companion. When they reached the city, the Kayan girl was kidnapped and the three risked their lives to bring her back.

Chean Chhordapheak

One month before her wedding, primary school teacher Seyla was ambushed and raped. She hides this from her fiance but she couldn't hide it for long. Her finace learns what happened but the identity of Seyla's rapist remains unknown.

A Yellow Bird
K. Rajogopal

Chosen by "Tastemaker" Piolo Pascual, “A Yellow Bird” follows the story of Singaporean-Indian Siva, who is finally released after serving his sentence for contraband smuggling. As he goes on a quest to redeem himself, he is then faced with a tragic truth about his family.

Golden Slumbers
Davy Chou

In this documentary-type film, Davy Chou shows the birth and destruction of Cambodian cinema. Only 30 films are left today since 1960 to 1975 and with the remaining survivors, Golden Slumbers tries to bring back to life the myths and legends of the lost cinema.

Dearest Sister
Mattie Do

“Dearest Sister” focuses on the peculiar tale of a village girl who travels to Vientiane to care for her rich cousin. Her cousin lost her eyesight and gained the ability to communicate with the dead. To make things more complicated, the cousin is set to marry an Estonian expat, who has dark secrets of his own.

Shanjhey Kumar Perumal

“Jagat” tells the coming-of-age story of delinquent Appoy, a spirited kid who lives the life of a gangster rather than a student. Appoy's father becomes abusive in a bid to keep his kid in the right path but the boy is already drawn with his uncle's criminal lifestyle. This magnificent story, made by first-time director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal, became a certified sleeper hit in the country.

"Tingin" will also be held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Philippines’ membership to the ASEAN and its chairmanship to the upcoming summit. It is absolutely free and open to the public.

See full schedule here.



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