Inside Manila’s Release Radar:

New Music This January

by Maria Romero, February 07, 2019 2:43pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila’s Release Radar: New Music This January

by Maria Romero, February 07, 2019 2:43pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

With the new year comes new great songs!

The long month of January is a week over, but it didn’t leave us empty-handed in the music department. Last month, our homegrown artists continually climbed up the popularity ladder with new music across different genres.

Say goodbye to old music playlists and sing along with these new music releases:

"Help me, something is a misery. Save me."

Following the release of “In My Prison,” “Bata, Dahan-Dahan!,” and “Take That Man,” the rock-trio of IV Of Spades surprised fans with their 15-track debut album on January 18.

'Meron Ba?' and 'Promises' by Sponge Cola
"Bakit tayo walang hangganan?"

Rock band Sponge Cola dropped two new songs “Meron Ba?” and “Promises” featuring Karylle. Both songs talk immensely about taking a risk in the name of love.

'Always' by Carousel Casualties
"Time could only tell if our wounds could ever heal."

Carousel Casualties’ music is relaxing as a lullaby. As the lyrics go, “I’ll shelter you in my embrace, until the end of all my days.” This new song is music in the ears of those who are afraid.

'Mr. Sun' by Over October
"Hey there Mr. Sun, how are you doing?"

Over October latest offering Mr. Sun is the best song to start the day reminding us to lead a life as simple as the sun and moon’s existence.

'Ligaw' by Assembly Generals
"Kaibigan, eto na naman ako nagi-isa, nawawala sa kadiliman."

“Saan ba tayo papunta? Naliligaw. Hindi makagalaw.” Contrary to this line, this new song from Assembly Generals pushes listeners to move forward.

'Yours Alone' by Mellow Fellow
"It's easy to be alone in general."

Mellow Fellow’s chill music with a little mix of old school alt-pop vibe has always been comforting. “Yours Alone” is an ode to dreamers.

'weekend' by Bird.
"Weekend just run away from me."

Got any plans this weekend? Stuck in traffic? Listen to Bird’s debut single, “weekend,” from members of Chicosci and Save Me Hollywood. This song is the best to listen to in road trips and commute with its calming vibe and summery feel.

'Permanente' by Quest featuring Kiana Valenciano
“Pangarap. Pag-asa. Pag-ibig. Permanente."

Singer-songwriter Quest teamed up with Kiana Vee with a song narrating a heroic love and how it helps a person achieve his/her dreams.  

'Daylight' by Chicosci
"Did we fall in love last night? Can I give up?"

The OG rock band Chicosci is back with a new song! As always, the band’s music emphasized on post-hardcore and emo, but this time, the song’s lyrics speak more volume—we all fall down sometimes, but daylight will always come.

'Aninipot' by Shirebound and Busking
"Naghuhukay, 'di malaman kung may ililibing o hinahanap."

Shirebound and Busking’s latest single with Bea Lorenzo is about loss—this lost will differ according to the person listening to it. This is the first single from his debut album to be released on March 29.

Happy listening! Stream the full playlist here: 


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