The One Reason Big

Bad Wolf Book Sale

2019 Deserves Your Visit

by Jace Amodo, February 04, 2019 5:24pm

Art by Jessa Malapit


The One Reason Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 Deserves Your Visit

by Jace Amodo , February 04, 2019 5:24pm

The "world's biggest book sale" had challenged many bookshelves (and pockets) when it came to Manila last year, much to the delight of bookworms. If you missed the chance to catch the sale to hoard books, you'd be glad to know that Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is returning on February 22 until March 4 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

You know the drill: two million books at 50–90% off are up for grabs, open 24 hours a day for 11 days. We know, take it all in. When you thought this info is something that holds you verbally hostage, wait 'til you learn that you may have 99 problems but admission ain't one—free entrance!

More than a place for hoarding books in almost two weeks (and hence, rejecting the horrendous traffic as an excuse), Big Bad Wolf serves one more reason you cannot miss it.

Changing the world, one book at a time

Behind the grand book sale and Wolf's alluring demeanor is a community service not many fair-goers and curious bystanders knew they were already doing.

In October 2018, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale donated 5 million pesos to Gawad Kalinga (GK) to support their campaign towards ending poverty. This initiative is part of Big Bad Wolf’s Red Readerhood program. Luis Oquiñena, Executive Director of GK gleefully revealed in a press conference that they were able to provide quality books and build better reading corners to communities in need, thanks to the generosity of the book sale.

Oquiñena believes that while not everything is well in our country, younger generations will start to think and value relationships when they start to read. For her part, Jacqueline Ng, founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, simply puts it: "We're not just selling books. We advocate reading."

(L) Luis Oquinena, Executive Director of Gawad Kalinga and (R) Jacqueline Ng, Founder of Big Bad Wolf Books. Photo courtesy of Big Bad Wolf

Together, GK and the Big Bad Wolf will strive to make affordable books accessible to the Philippines. And in these trying times, giving back and supporting initiatives like this is the least we can do. It's the one reason Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 needs you—a book lover or not—as much as you need them.

For more information, visit or follow Big Bad Wolf on Facebook.

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