Survival Tips

6 Tips to Unleash

The Pro ‘Ukay’ Shopper

in You

by Shara Mae Balce, February 06, 2019 10:40am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Survival Tips

6 Tips to Unleash The Pro ‘Ukay’ Shopper in You

by Shara Mae Balce, February 06, 2019 10:40am
Art by Dani Elevazo

A good fashion style isn’t always about the high cost of the things you wear. Nor would you need a get-up with a hefty price tag to keep up with fashion trends.

Need a stylish dress for an event, but you’re on a tight budget? Why not make an ukay trip to save your purse the trouble?  If you’re a first-timer or a non-pro at ukay, these tips will help you get started with a hassle-free and happy haul.

Wear Ukay-friendly clothes

It’s important to dress practically for an ukay trip. Wear simple top paired with soft, casual shorts and slip on sneaks so you can easily try clothes on. Also, you need to wear clothes you’d be comfortable walking and standing in for hours scouring racks and racks of clothes. Avoid outfits that’ll take time and effort to take off (e.g. laced rubber shoes, layered garments). You wouldn’t want to stress yourself taking off tight denim pants while fitting.


Know your personal style.

Ukay shopping can be overwhelming; before you hit the racks of clothes, make sure you know what you want to buy. It’s better if you have pegs already in mind. Don’t hoard things you don’t need just because it’s way too cheap. Best to choose the black classics and timeless pieces such as denim and leather. Plains are also versatile style staples you shouldn’t miss. Getting style inspiration online would make it easier for you to mix-match outfits. Plus, this will help you save time (and money!).

Stay away from “New Arrivals” sign.

Avoid this sign especially if your goal is to save. When you see this posted outside the store, refrain yourself from proceeding because prices of “new arrivals” are a little high. Some items here are good enough though. But mind you, once you step inside an ukay, there's no way you can go home without something from the 20-50php section, it’s a gold mine of unique finds. You don’t want to spend big on secondhand clothes, do you? So, better go back a few days after as the price marks down to 80% off.

Set your budget right. Learn to haggle (nicely) and merge your chosen items with your friends’ so you can get a bulk discount.


Do not skip every racks and pile.

Sometimes, hidden between the heaps are the best and cheapest finds. Maximize your time and do not skim through the surface. Sift through every corner of the store—the best finds come to those who scour the racks! And if you like something but are not sure of buying it just yet, literally hold on to it (beware of lurkers!) and continue searching. Do not leave it to the piles yet because you might lose that potential gem. You can then pile all your finds and have them fitted in the fitting room to sort ‘em out.

If you don’t want to leave upset, allot more time to shop.

Never go on an ukay haul if you are not willing to spend time sifting through those hangers—you will only go home frustrated. Making the most of ukay takes time. Give yourself time to do the fitting and enjoy the process. The more time you spend on hunting, the more chances of sporting the best finds!

Patience is a virtue.

Ukay shopping is no joke, TBH. If you quickly get impatient, especially when you can’t find something ukay-worthy in the store, you wouldn’t survive it. There are lots of shops, racks, and fittings to go through. You’ll be needing that staying power to get a lot of bang for the buck!

Ukay-ukay is always there to answer your budget issues in fashion. It’s also good to know how there are endless options of ukay-ukay shops around Metro Manila to fill our thrift fashion cravings! These shops offer a gold mine for fashion-lovers, and your only job here is to make time and effort to uncover treasures. After noting all these, it’s time to channel your inner ukay-ukay queen.  Happy ukay!


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