From Middle-Earth, Iego is

Shirebound and Busking

by Maria Romero, January 31, 2019 8:37pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


From Middle-Earth, Iego is Shirebound and Busking

by Maria Romero, January 31, 2019 8:37pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

In a hole in the Sunken ground, there lived a hobbit. In the dimly lit place filled with singing and dancing people along with good music, where everything is simple: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

But what if a Shire-hobbit reincarnated as an actual human with a guitar?

Singer-songwriter, Iego, a self-proclaimed hobbit from the Shire shares his passion for music to gather funds to go back to his simple life in the Shire.

Now, he is busking with a new great song!

One artist to rule them all

Iego, an artist always in geek-mode about his favorite films, is admittedly having a hard time expressing himself verbally; so he does it musically. With the help of friends like Ean Aguila of Ang Bandang Shirley and Mariah Reodica of Brain Twins, he shared his works online.

Shirebound and Busking in Route 196 performing for Aninipot Single Launch. Photo by Maria Romero/Inside Manila

Iego’s musical aptitude was evident even in his high school days. He formed a band with his friends but when they stepped into college, finding a common time to jam made them go their separate ways. But Iego didn’t give up his musical dreams. He continued making his own music until he joined the thriving scene of Manila independent music.

Since he started his career, he has grown into a musician sharing parts of himself to his listeners; opening to a comfort zone where he feels wide-eyed reverence of rhythm and melodies.

Iego’s hit song “Lloydy” which was part of the indie film I’m Drunk, I Love You soundtrack, introduced him to a wider audience.

His debut single "A Million Little Things", a song about keeping little things to prevent broken hearts and EP Dalum at Hibas, his antecedent to his full-length album, showed him off as an artist whose lyrical compositions have the power that voluntarily shreds the listeners’ hearts in the best way. It’s more like a showcase of a different perspective where he lets his listeners appreciate what’s left to be seen. That’s something only Iego can do.

When asked about how he describes his music, Iego answered: "The author is dead." As an artist, he has ended his part the moment he released his song. Meaning, his songs are open for interpretation for his listeners; they will be the one to decide on how they describe his music. The feelings and stories listeners get from his songs are all theirs to tell.

Iego’s unexpected journey

Shirebound and Busking’s Iego started the year right with the release of his new single, "Aninipot" with Kalimba artist and Elements Music Camp Alumna Bea Lorenzo.

Bea Lorenzo in Route 196 performing for Aninipot Single Launch. Photo by Maria Romero/Inside Manila

"Aninipot" is a Bicolano term for fireflies. He wrote the song in 2015 for a friend’s film dealing with the loss of a parent. Just last year, the song resonated with him on a different level after he lost his father. This latest offering is mainly about loss, but this loss will differ according to the person listening to it. Sure, no artist is best to collab with in this project than Bea. Her Kalimba prowess brought a significant warmth all throughout the song. From former Biology classmates in college, Iego and Bea are now in for a collaborative joy ride in the music scene!

2019 will be a big year for Shirebound and Busking. We may not see him return to the Shire just yet, but one thing’s for sure: we will soon hear a full album from him! Currently, he is finishing parts of his album with Ean Aguila at the front of the production lines.

"Aninipot", fireflies in Bisaya, is about loss. Photo by Maria Romero/Inside Manila

As always, Shirebound and Busking’s music is about keeping moments in life and bringing warmth despite uncertainties and fear.

His first album set to be released on March 29 will be a collection of lyrics and melodies about the love for beautiful things made by hands and by magic moving through him; just like a Hobbit in the Shire.

The time will soon come when this Shire-hobbits music will calm our lonely nights.

Stream "Aninipot" here:

Who's excited to listen to Shirebound and Busking's full album?


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