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Book Lovers Reveal Their

Go-To Reads When Life

Goes Wrong

by Shara Mae Balce, January 31, 2019 4:58pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Vox Pop

Book Lovers Reveal Their Go-To Reads When Life Goes Wrong

by Shara Mae Balce, January 31, 2019 4:58pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Books have a certain magic in them. Flipping through its pages can remedy a bad day or help you distance yourself away from the stressors in life. And with all the number of books to choose from, certain reads keep us hooked. Every book lover is bound to have a book they keep returning to for good reasons—the same reason they return to their happy place or favorite restaurant or home-cooked meals.

With that, we asked a few book lovers on the books they re-read frequently and how it seized them up when bored, restless or in a dire situation.

Whenever life gets hard, I re-read The Little Prince. In a world where adults are difficult to understand, this book reminds me to keep holding on to my dreams. It helps me appreciate simple pleasures. Happiness does not lie in the objects we accumulate. To find it, we need to open our eyes. The fox was right when he said, "It is only with the heart one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

-Maria, 21, Writer

I always turn to To Kill A Mockingbird when I’m in a reading rut. It’s a classic read and every time I read it, it always gives me something new to think about whether its morality, innocence, or acceptance, which is what the story tackles and will always be relevant.

-Pearl, 26, Content Manager

Weird pero any book about Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz). The character has a comical way of looking at everything. Sobrang positive ng outlook n’ya in life para siyang si Spongebob pero against supernatural entities.

-Valerie, 23, BPO Consultant

Twilight kasi ‘yong una kong nabasa na young adult book, ever. Dahil din sa Twilight Saga, na-hook ako sa mga book. Kaya may special place talaga ‘yong series na iyon sa akin. Kaya sa mga panahong gusto kong magbasa without the commitment, binabalikan ko lang ito!

-Sherry, 22, Writer

Para Kay B! It reminds me na may iba't ibang pwedeng patunguhan ang kwento ng bawat tao. Hindi man ito naaayon sa narrative na gusto mo, malalaman mo eventually na it happens for a reason. Hahaha!

-Nessy, 21, Editor

I always find myself scanning and re-reading through Alice In Wonderland. Every time I read Alice’s story during different points in my life, it feels like my perspective of the story changes, too. I get new lessons, meanings, and realizations every time. I guess it comes with the age or experience, but somehow the story gets darker the more I re-read it, too. So all the more it becomes interesting over time.

-Erika, 26, Editor

I reread Madeline ni Ludwig Bemelmans. Super nostalgic book, reminds me of simpler times.

-Dani, 27, Graphic Artist

These book lovers showed us how reading and rereading has its therapeutic effects. May it be to escape reality or to rediscover details they missed the first time around, or maybe to revisit the beloved characters and the real-life lessons they teach.

What books do you re-read? Share it to us on the comment section!


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