'May Bidet Ba Diyan?

This Bidet-Finder App Has

The Answers

by Sherry Tadeja, January 23, 2019 5:00pm

San Bidet, your friendly mobile bidet-finder


'May Bidet Ba Diyan? This Bidet-Finder App Has The Answers

by Sherry Tadeja , January 23, 2019 5:00pm

Bidets changed our expectations for public restrooms. Mainly because using this plumbing fixture is a bathroom "luxury" experience we never thought would be available in public restrooms around the metro. The hype has become all too real as bidet-inspired "innovations" rose in social media (remember the portable Manang Bidet and the May Bidet Ba?). Now we have a bidet-mobile app—enter, San Bidet.

San Bidet is a mobile bidet-navigating application (available both in iOS and Play Store) where it tracks the nearest bidet restroom from our location.

The San Bidet works like a Google Map; turn on your internet connection, input your location in the app, then it reveals the nearest available bidet-restroom near you. Perfect for those on the road "emergencies."

Lawrence Velasco is the mobile application developer and the man behind San Bidet. He gathered all the initial locations from the app from his own experience, and eventually, let users contribute to sharing available bidet locations. The app is still undergoing changes and keeping tabs on updated bidet locations. You can contribute by answering this Google Form. The restroom must be free of charge and accessible to the public. Let’s aim for accessible and clean public restrooms!

San Bidet may come as "funny" but on a wider perspective, it shows the demand for public restrooms to have this utility. For now, let’s contribute to the app and help everyday folks with the same portable priorities as us. *wink*

For more information, visit San Bidet on Facebook or try it out for yourself via App Store and Google Play.

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