Life Lessons We Learned

From the SexBomb Girls

by Shara Mae Balce, January 31, 2019 11:15am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Life Lessons We Learned From the SexBomb Girls

by Shara Mae Balce, January 31, 2019 11:15am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Noontime variety shows marked the Filipino millennial childhood. Those were the times when we try our best to skip siesta so we wouldn’t miss an episode of “Pera o Bayong” or “Laban o Bawi.”  And in every iconic TV variety show, backup dancers are icing to the cupcake—one of the memorable beacons of the 00s childhood are the Sexbomb Girls.

Before there was Twice or Momoland, the SexBomb Girls were one the Philippines’ first power girl group—they can sing, dance and act. Originally consists of six members, the girls were first seen as background dancers in GMA’s longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga! Then earned their very own show Daisy Siete, a drama anthology with 26 seasons in its seven-year run.

Aside from the iconic spaghetti dance moves, the SexBomb Girls also gave us head-bopping tunes that influenced our childhood experience. Who could forget how their song “Bakit Papa?” encouraged us not to give up for love without a fight?

Let us take their teachings to our adult lives. Because if anyone taught us to “laban,” it was the SexBomb Girls who empowered us first.

Do not underestimate the power of friendship

“Basta't kami sama-sama at mayroong pagkakaisa
Kahit ang bituin maaabot namin”
-Daisy Siete

If not for their friendship, the OG SexBomb Girls wouldn’t last for 14 years together. Their careers evolved from being a noontime show staple to being hailed as the Best-Selling Girl Group of All Time in the Philippines.

Being open about your feelings is not a mark of weakness, but of strength

“Ayan, last one ba't 'di magsalita
Laging tahimik, parang putol ang dila
Bakit hindi mo subukan nang malaman
Sa puso ko'y ikaw ang number one”
-Kiss Sabay Hug

Dancing “Spaghetti Pababa” in front of the whole barangay seems easier to do than confessing your feelings to someone. At such a young age, the SexBomb Girls taught us to be expressive without the fear of judgment. And it’s 2019, making the first move regardless of your gender, is such a power-move!

Love is human nature

“'Di ko na mapipigilan ang kaligayahan na aking nadarama
'Di ko na mapipigilan ang aking sarili na isipin ka
'Di ko na mapipigilan na ika'y iwasan at kalimutan pa
'Di ko na mapipigilan pa ang aking puso na ibigin ka”
-’Di ko na Mapipigilan

Does this pre-hugot phase song remind you of our grade school crush? Those were the innocent times when we can’t help ourselves but appreciate that one special person in class.

Health is Wealth, Friends

“Apir tayo, sumakit ang ulo ko, sumakit ang beywang ko
SexBomb, SexBomb, SexBomb
Apir tayo, sumakit ang dibdib ko, sumakit ang tuhod ko
SexBomb, SexBomb, SexBomb”

Remember the last time you did a workout? Why not add this to your throwback gym playlist to get you pumped up and moving? Bet you’ll catch yourself humming while burning those calories!

Step out of your comfort zone

“Sumayaw tayo ng step na gusto mo
Mag-isip ka ng sa‘yo dahil mayro'n na ako
Kung sino mataya sasayaw siya sa gitna
Kasali ang matanda at bata”
-Halukay Ube

Take note: you can’t just be an audience all the timeespecially in the real world—because sometimes you have to participate. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to growth, take it from our girls.

Love is ultimately a choice

“Dati-rati ang sweet-sweet natin
Oras-oras ika'y na sa 'kin
Bakit nga ba pinaasa-asa
Kaya ngayo'y naloloka
Laban-laban o bawi-bawi”
-Bakit Papa

Relationships are complicated. It’s a matter of choosing between “laban” or “bawi.” Take the risk and fall; if it fails, at least, you tried #NoRagrets. As the famous meme goes, “Hindi tayo pinalaki ng SexBomb para bumawi!”

We might have taken them for granted, but the SexBomb Girls gave us remarkable life lessons we can take to our graves. From ultimate party dance moves to empowering anthems, we are not one to let their legacy die. We're crossing our fingers for that long-awaited reunion!

What SexBomb Girls hit got you through tough times? Share on the comments section below!


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