This R&B Pop Band

is Making Headlines With

Their Unique Approach To


by Maria Romero, January 18, 2019 5:20pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


This R&B Pop Band is Making Headlines With Their Unique Approach To Fame

by Maria Romero, January 18, 2019 5:20pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Filipino talents are readily available everywhere. That’s why we take pride even in the slightest Pinoy achievements.  But today, it’s easier to judge young aspiring groups riding the bandwagon boat. Thus, those who want to take a shot to the top take the road less traveled. This is why BRWN, a Filipino pop and R&B band stepped out from the rest of the pack by innovating the tried-and-tested way to success and crafting songs that tells the good side of love.  

Composed of Max Antonio Guerero on vocals, Migs Raneses on lead guitar, Oman Peradilla on keyboard and bass guitar, and Stanley Seludo on drums, BRWN is carving its own path towards their musical victory.

Stanley Seludo, drummer. Photo by Maria Romero. Artwork by Dani Elevazo.

BRWN, a tribute to the Southeast Asian looks and musical talent, is a nod to the band’s roots. After consuming a healthy diet of diverse music genres ranging from acid jazz, soul, and R&B mixed with a shot of modern electronic music, the band came up with a genre of their own—sexy, groovy pop with a blend of R&B.

Oman Peradilla, Keyboardist and Bass Guitarist

With influences like Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, BRWN aims to pioneer new and simple, yet classy genre that will tell the world their story. As they strive to be in Philippine Music’s center stage, the boys of BRWN know what they want and how they plan to achieve it.

As for Max, the band’s main goal is to convey the real power of music—which is to tell empowering stories—more than the ones who make it. His unwavering confidence sporting a visor drives this point home.

Max Guerero, vocalist.

“Popularity can either make or break you. I want to be a mysterious singer so I can focus solely on music—not on fame. I don’t think fame is for everybody. In my case, honestly, it might just corrupt my character,” Max said.

From Southeast Asia to the rest of the world

BRWN’s members are no stranger to each other as they have been playing for other bands in the industry. Their frontman, Max, has been writing songs, vocal coaching, and singing for over a decade. For the past five years, each has worked on recording their own original music demos. But it was only in early 2018 when the official BRWN lineup was solidified. That was after they discovered their lead guitarist, Migs. And finally, in July 2018, they were signed to MCA Music/Universal Music.

Migs Raneses, lead guitarist.

This MCA latest signee is now gaining grounds in the local music scene, touring bars, performing in campus events, and occasionally fronting for one of OPM’s pioneers, Southboarder known for hits like “Rainbow” and “Kahit Kailan”.

Our Music district is about to witness a resurgence

Philippine mainstream and independent music scene is in constant flux. It persistently changes despite our go-to music venue shutting down for capitalist gains (#BSideForever) and favorite bands like Run Dorothy and Snakefight going to an indefinite hiatus. The scene is dominated by genres we’re so used to hear. So, this new breed of musicians is determined to make a name for themselves.

“Those who want to take a shot to the top take the road less travelled. This is why BRWN, a Filipino pop, and R&B band from Manila stepped out from the rest of the pack.”

With their ability to dig deep, the band came up with their So Good debut single that talks about how love isn’t just about comfort and security, it’s about helping the other person grow.

BRWN’s debut single is their first teaser for what to expect from them this year. Although a rookie in the business, this four-piece band has already gained 117,490 monthly Spotify listeners as of writing. With their swagger rhythms and undeniably smooth vocal lines, it’s easy to see why BRWN will make it big in the music realm.

BRWN is expected to release their debut EP in the first quarter of 2019. They are about to set a new standard for excellent Filipino music. They also promised to keep challenging themselves while taking all of us on a ride we’ll surely never forget. So keep those eyes peeled and ears open for what BRWN is about to release.

Listen to their debut single So Good here:

We have to warn you, this song is so good you might abuse your repeat button once you listened to it.

For updates on BRWN’s performance schedule and more, follow @brwnmusicph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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