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We Asked People About

Their Concert Spending and

Their Answers Are Sensational!

by Maria Romero, August 09, 2018 3:26pm

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Vox Pop

We Asked People About Their Concert Spending and Their Answers Are Sensational!

by Maria Romero , August 09, 2018 3:26pm

“Why are you blowing all your money for that one-time thing?”

“What?! You’re watching them again?"

These are questions fans are tired to hear because the thing is, they wouldn’t mind blowing their money out just to watch their fave artists LIVE!

Whether it’s in our budget or not, there’s something amazing about hearing the people we look up to in person rather than on iPods and late-night shenanigans.

But believe it or not, your favorite bands don’t really make that much money, especially those from the independent scene. Thus, going to their live performances is the best way to show your love and support for their craft.

And to see how much Pinoys are willing to ante up for their music heroes, we asked seven millennials about their concert spending and here are their responses:

“Depende lahat sa concerts. For local and foreign, spending 500php to 1,000php is okay. But spending 2,000php above, nasasayangan na ako eh.”

-Jet, 25, Videographer

“Ngayon kasing 
inflation pati local gigs affected of course. 200php to 300phpis a cheap door price. 400php to 500php is okay kung may big acts na mahal na makuha. Sabihin nating 500php to 2,000php for festivals siguro. For foreign concerts, the cheapest I’ve been to was Turnover’s concert which was only 600php ata. The most expensive I’ve paid for a concert ticket, I think was Bruno Mars’ concert which was around 8,000php to 9,000php. Ang limit ko talaga sa sarili ko 10,000php. But it sure as hell must be worth it.”

-Pat, 23, Traffic Coordinator

Maximum ay 10k that is if worth it siya. For me, depende sa artist na magpla-play. For both foreign and local kasi I’m willing to spend hanggang P3,000 to P5,000 para sa Eraserheads pero hindi ako magspe-spend ng same amount sa isang local artist na hindi ko naman ganun ka bet.”

-Patricia Anne, 23, Sales Officer

“For the last concert I have been to, I spent 13,000php to buy ticket that’s close to the artists. And that’s how much I am willing to spend for a concert I really like.”

-Rovie, 23, Medical Technologist

ako to pay for a ticket hanggang 3,000php lang.‘Yung expensive na sakin ay 5,000php and up. Cheapest would be 1,000php below.”

-Rejoice , 22, Graphic Artist

For me, cheap na ‘yung 250php for local concert,expensive na 'pag 500php. For foreign, cheap na ‘yung 500php and 2,000php pataas is expensive.

-Atiki, 21, Student

“For me? 
Hanggang 5,000php lang siguro ang maximum ko. Not because I can’t afford it but for practical reasons. E nasa Internet na e. Bakit pa? But I can spend 8,000php for artists that I really love.”

-Anna, 43, Creative and Communication Consultant

Pinoy millennials can’t afford to be an impulsive big-ticket-item spender in this time of drastic tax increase and inflation. But if time passes by and you still want to go to a show and you know you have all the means—GO FOR IT! #YOLO as everyone put it because experiences, whether travel-, music-, or food-related, are always worth it. Trust us on this one! *winks*

Interviews were slightly edited for coherence and brevity. 

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