5 Planner Alternatives To

Those Who Can't Stick

to Their Resolutions

by Erika Lagunzad, January 30, 2019 2:25pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


5 Planner Alternatives To Those Who Can't Stick to Their Resolutions

by Erika Lagunzad, January 30, 2019 2:25pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

We get it, New Year's resolutions are overrated, planners are too much commitment, and even doing the bare minimum feels like a chore. And we totally know how it feels to browse through our old planners and see only half of it blank (congrats if you’re able to fill it ‘til June!) But instead of promising for what is, how about we preserve what was? That way we still have something to reflect and laugh at should the New Year’s day come to overwhelm us once again.

Sans the pressure and commitment, here are our reco alternatives for planning:


From bus to concert tickets, receipts, stickers, polaroids, and random handwritten notes, there are no rules to what you could put in scrapbooks. Unruled notebooks are good practice ground to get you started. Scrapbooks are great spaces to get creative with your life story and memories. We recommend going through Papemelroti’s vast choices of notebooks and pads; their signature brown paper makes your scrapbook designs look more ~aesthetic~ too.  

Get inspired and begin your scrapbooking journey through these artsy shops around the metro.

Guided Journals

Sometimes, the reason we give up so quickly on planners is that we get too overwhelmed before we even get to start. We recommend buying journals that contain guides or reflective questions. You can begin your journey through this downloadable Year Compass, and it'll be like having a pep talk with yourself to pump you up for the year.

Slum Books

If we are to take a trip down memory lane, why not do it the old-school way? Connect and reconnect with your fellow 90s kids through slum books (AKA autographs). Remember how we used to close our dedications with J.A.P.A.N as Just Always Pray At Night? Relive the cheesy slumbook jargons with Tita Witty's Pang-Real-Life-Friends Slumbook because social media isn’t the only place to strengthen or create friendships y’know.

Some Lines a Day (a five-year journal)

Writing isn't just for the bookworms or communication majors. It can be for anyone who has a pen and paper in hand. The art of free writing—writing continuously with no regard to spelling, grammar, or context—can be very therapeutic, and it's an excellent way to detox your brain especially after a tough day. With a 5-year journal, you'll be able to create a time capsule of you. And as the years pass, you can see how much your thoughts and experiences have changed and which remain the same. That way you'll see how much you've grown, and be able to create a better understanding of yourself.

Any Year Planner

When a bullet journal is not to your liking, and a planner feels too "limiting," this Any Year Planner is the perfect in-between. Produced by Serious Studios, a local branding firm, this planner is undated so you can plan freely. It’s about time you take success according to your terms and timelines.

So don’t worry if your year was off to a weird start. There is still so much time and planner styles to choose from! You got this.


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