Cheap Wheres for Cheap

Ware Inside Manila

by Sherry Tadeja, August 09, 2018 10:03am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Cheap Wheres for Cheap Ware Inside Manila

by Sherry Tadeja, August 09, 2018 10:03am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Who would say no to cheap bargains? Locals and tourist are surely up for it, more so to Filipinos who love to shop but also want to get the most out of their pockets.

Don't worry about the where—we’ve got you covered (from head to toe even!) below are the top budget-shopping places around the Metro from clothes to tech goods and more!

Shoes - Cartimar Shopping Center, Recto

Cartimar by itself is known for its variety of products mainly all things pet and shoes—all types of it actually. Your 700php to 1000php is good for a pair of quality knock-off shoes (no one can tell the physical difference, really!).

Bonus info: Cartimar is also a good place to find used college textbooks, novels, and art books sold at a cheaper price.

Inside Manila Tip: These shopping locations may have the cheapest prices, although unfortunately, it's also swarming with suspicious activities. Enjoy your haul but be a wise and attentive shopper—always.

Beauty Tools - 698 Mall, Divisoria

There's actually three thriving malls in Divi; 168 Shopping Mall, 999 Shopping Mall and 698 Mall where you can get and bargain beauty tools. One specific shop in 698 is the Gladking store selling various makeup brushes, vanity mirrors, makeup bags and the like.


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Inside Manila Tip: Exclude in your Divi haul (ever!) knockoff makeup products. It may have the most convincing packaging of your favorite international brand but no one knows (not even the seller themselves) what ingredients are in the products. Why not support local makeup brands instead? *wink wink*

School Supplies - 168 Mall, Divisoria

Even with sales and discounts in malls buying school supplies can terribly damage a parent's pocket. That's why it's better to go straight to OG of all bargain location—Divisoria. The place literally has an area where you can buy school supplies in bulk. Complete that checklist in one day and within budget too!


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Inside Mania Tip: It’s better to do all the shopping on the weekdays and avoid peak seasons (example: do not shop on a weekend with just days before school starts!). Avoid getting sidetracked, too. We recommend doing a checklist to cover everything you need to buy. Also, it’s better to not bring along children.

Electronic Goods - Gonzalo Puyat Street, Quiapo

Formerly known as Raon Street, Gonzalo Puyat St. in Quiapo now looks a street party as stores crank up their speakers, radios and other electronic goods. Videoke buys and repair shops are found here as well as stores that sell medals, trophies, and even musical instruments.


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Inside Manila Tip: We know that heading straight to these stores in Raon is good your budget, but electronics is a whole different story. It’s better to go for quality than quantity.

Home Decor and Dinnerware - Juan Luna Street, Divisoria

Your kitchen needs are covered, too! In Juan Luna Street along Divisoria, kitchen and dining ware are being sold. Whether you’re starting your independent-living journey or starting a food business, this street is a good place to canvas kitchen wares.

Inside Manila Tip: If you’re shopping for fragile wares better do a quality check before buying bulk. You may never if the wares are already on the verge of breaking unless you see it for yourself. You need the same attitude when it comes to kitchen equipment.

Clothes - Taytay, Rizal

Sure, Divi has its fair share of cheap yet trendy clothes here and there but the REAL budget experience is found at Taytay Rizal. This shouldn't come as a surprise since Taytay, is the Garment Capital of the Philippines and a major source of clothes sold in Divisoria and various online shops. Luckily, it would only take you about an hour from Manila to get to this shopping haven.


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Inside Manila Tip: We recommend going on a budget-challenge tactic to minimize uber-shopping tendency. But if you ask us and watch Taytay Tiangge Youtube hauls, 1000php is good enough to purchase four to six clothes! Take note: the tiangge is also a case of "Ripley's Believe it or Not" because stalls can go empty as early as 5 am!

So, if you have a good eye, patience, energy (because it sure is a lot of walking) and strong bargain skills then why not try Manila's cheapest shopping hubs?


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