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Philippines Will Be United

Under Federalism… Charot!

by Maria Romero, January 14, 2019 5:49pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Arts and Culture

Philippines Will Be United Under Federalism… Charot!

by Maria Romero , January 14, 2019 5:49pm

Filipinos are naturally cheerful—so natural that we opt to joke about our struggles before facing it. Everything is a laughing matter that it becomes difficult to draw the line on what’s serious and not. In a place where the leader tags women as mere objects and children’s jests are answered with a bullet straight to the head, laughter won't make everything right.

But what if we are suddenly taken into the center stage with the power to end the struggles?

Set in 2020, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)’s season-ender “Charot!” is a comedy play that will shed light on our significant role in this society. The play will take us on a journey to the “perfect Philippines” where social justice prevails under its new charter. It will also give us a glance of a united community under the banner of federalism…charot!

“Charot!” will also be an interactive type of play where audiences will have to answer important questions using their mobile phones. The results to those questions will decide how the story unravels.

As part of PETA’s Stage of the Nation campaign, the play will also respond to the call for unity by breaking the fourth wall that divides generation and social classes through a discussion after the performance.

Want to actively participate in social discussions? Visit PETA’s page here or book your tickets through “Charot!” will run from February 8 to March 17 at the PETA Theater Center with shows on Fridays (3 pm) and Saturdays (3 pm and 8 pm).

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