New Year, Same Me:

Bare Minimum Goals To

Keep Our 2019

Lives At 100

by Maria Romero, January 09, 2019 1:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


New Year, Same Me: Bare Minimum Goals To Keep Our 2019 Lives At 100

by Maria Romero, January 09, 2019 1:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Loud music faded, blinding colors of disco lights dimmed, and the nasty hangovers eased away—the holidays are officially over. This can only mean one thing: Resolutions.

For many, New Year is the time to start anew with slates clean from their bare goals from last year. Hence, we invest in the most ambitious goals that sometimes only lead to self-loathing once slight changes take place. By then, mental warfare is already taking over our heads that pushes us to do the opposite of our goals.

Here’s the thing: New Year’s commitments don’t have to be vaulting, it only need to be smart. Refrain from sticking to mundane mantras because the truth is, we’re still the same person from last year, only this time we’re smarter, braver, and more prepared. So, kick-start this promising year with bare minimum goals to keep you away from huge disappointments.

Arrive 5 minutes earlier on meetings, classes, and meet-ups


One way to proudly show our 2019 character development is by being an early bird on meetings to let people know how much we respect their time.

Finish one book a month


On most days, browsing through our social media accounts takes so much of our time without knowing it. This year, may we all find the time to be more with our real selves than our virtual selves. Grab a hot cup of coffee and tuck yourself in on bed and travel with the book you’re reading. One book per month won’t hurt.

Drink eight glasses of water every day


If fitness goals sound like a laughing matter already, we suggest to simply stay hydrated, kids! It’s as important as keeping track of your calorie intake per day. Install water reminder app on your smartphones to keep you on track of your consumption. A vegetable meal once a day will also do you good. Here’s to a healthier year!

Join Pride Parade and other LGBTQIA+ advocacies to help win the fight over discrimination


The end of discrimination among the LGBTQIA+ community is long overdue because many people still don’t accept them and their advocacies. Be sure to tick “Parading at Pride March” off of your 2019 bucket list this June. Let’s all be proactive, too, in pushing lawmakers to pass SOGIE Bill into law.

Bring utensils and reusable bags everywhere, every time

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Be a hero to Mother Earth and start a life that doesn't patronize single-use plastics, shall we? You can buy a complete set of reusable cutlery at Sip PH! Say yaaas to more sustainable living!

Remove things from your room that no longer spark joy—Marie Kondo style


Achieve a minimalist lifestyle starting with your room and you’ll be surprised at the amount of excess stuff you have accumulated over the years! Rally your way to a minimalist life and see the serenity it will give you. Perhaps those things need to be donated to a charity place where more people who need it more will be blessed.

Save at least 50 PHP per day


This simple gesture of saving something from your daily allowance will surprisingly change your Christmas this year! By consistently saving at least 50php per day, you’ll earn 18,200php by the end of the year! Isn’t that exciting?

Let 2019 be the year of real transformation. And remember, it’s the little things that make up most of a larger achievement. Believe that this year is going to be a good one because this world still has a lot to offer.

Are you ready to win 2019? We hope you are!


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