4 Reasons why Guns

N’ Roses is the

Band Ultimately Loved by

our Titos

by Maria Romero, August 08, 2018 4:09pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


4 Reasons why Guns N’ Roses is the Band Ultimately Loved by our Titos

by Maria Romero, August 08, 2018 4:09pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

"Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play."

There’s never any doubt that one of the bands that made the 1980s a special time for rock music was Guns N’ Roses. They used to be called metal at the time but no, they weren’t because metal isn’t sexy thenROCK was. In other words, other bands can have the rock but GNR was among the few who also have the roll.

If by the mention of GNR you are left with sudden eagerness to see them live, then worry no more because for the FIRST TIME, the rock icon is coming to Manila for their “Not In a Lifetime Tour” on November 11!

Guns N’ Roses easily painted a vivid picture of rock-’n-roll with spandex-wearing long-haired guys wearing eyeliners and monochromatic clothes, just as what each member wore on tours since their bumpy beginning. Their tasty music dynamics and honest-to-God lyrics made them an unstoppable force in the music scene. For that, they were easily supported by our music-loving Titos from the golden days of the 80s!

If those weren't enough, here are more reasons why GNR was ultimately loved by our fave uncles:

  1. The band was founded during the flourishing teenage days of our titos


GNR started in 1985 with Izzy Stradlin and Tracii Guns on guitars, Ole Beich on bass, Rob Gardner on drums, and Axl Rose on vocals. If we had All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, and Panic! At The Disco as heroes during our angsty puberty stage, then our Titos definitely got through tough days with the help of GNR!

Oh, how good it is to look back at those times, right Tito?

  1. Its breakthrough song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was the ultimate tito-pamangkin jamming song


If you are one of the lucky children who was blessed with a musically-inclined Tito or dad, then you missed a huge chunk of bonding if you didn’t jam on the legendary “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Because honestly speaking, being able to play this particular song in an electric guitar is like literally having the badge as “Best Lead Guitarist”. We ain't kidding with this one!

  1. Axl Rose was the superlative of #AestheticGoals


Okay, let’s talk about ~aesthetics~. Axl Rose, GNR’s frontman, is a musician and lyricist all rolled into one heck of a hot guy. If you disagree then IDK what “hot” is to you. His unique style incorporated punk, thrash, blues, and other music genres into a popular style that’s distinctly his own. So yes, our Titos probably had at least one point (or more) in their lives when they wished they had Axl’s charisma, too.

  1. Appetite for Destruction was the real deal back then (and maybe until now)


GNR’s debut studio album was definitely the talk of the town back then that its success even gave them the title as “the most dangerous band” of their time.

Our Titos’ thirst for honest songs in the sea of musicians going all in for commercialization was quenched by this game-changing album. Each track from Appetite for Destruction was written from personal experiences which were deeply felt around the globe by avid supporters. Nothing was quite the same since its release in 1987. It feels so nice to relive those days, right?

In retrospect, all these trips to memory lane always end with a word—nostalgia. So grab your tickets for the chance to once again do the tito-pamangkin bonding and hit the Philippine Arena with your banger leather jacket and killer rockstar vibe!

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