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Mall Etiquette: Following Written

(and Unwritten) Rules

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, December 26, 2018 2:50pm

Art by Jessa Malapit

News Bits

Mall Etiquette: Following Written (and Unwritten) Rules

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, December 26, 2018 2:50pm

Malls have pretty much everything we need—food, clothes, entertainment; you name it. Some choose malls as a place to have fun, bond with family and friends, buy groceries, look for new outfits, and even pay their bills. A pretty convenient place, indeed.

Well, it is convenient, until some will fail to follow simple instructions. It’s pretty annoying when someone blocks the “walk” lane on the escalators or somebody talks too loud. You are already familiar with the rules but just in case, we are here to refresh your minds a little with "mall etiquettes".

Keep right!

It would be nice if everyone will follow the "walk on your left" and "stand on your right" signs on the sides of the escalators. Please don’t take up both sides of the escalators if you are with your bestie or baby. Keeping right also applies when you are using the stairs or just casually strolling in malls.


Comfort room priorities

Senior citizens and PWDs have designated comfort room cubicles. As much as possible, if you can hold it in, keep those spaces vacant so when needed to go, they won't have to wait. They are priorities of these cubicles, after all.

No food and drinks

Certain stores have a policy of no bringing in food or drinks inside. They may spill over an item and ruin it. Also, eating and drinking might bother other people in the shop.


No taking of photos

Especially when trying out stuff in boutiques, you wouldn't want to wait for the saleslady to remind you of the rules. It would be a little embarrassing.

Use elevators for strollers/pushcarts

For the safety of your groceries and babies, don't attempt to use the escalator when pushing a cart or stroller.


Try only x number of clothing at a time

Don't take too long when trying on clothes. Take also in consideration the people waiting in line to fit a shirt or a pair of pants. Take time to choose which items you will most likely buy before you enter the dressing room...

Keep a steady pace

It is an ultimate pet peeve when the person in front of you suddenly stops and you bump into them. Be mindful of other people around you. The mall is, after all, a public space.


These rules are the ones we know, yet often overlooked. Let’s try to follow them and do ourselves and our fellow shoppers a favor, shall we? Happy shopping!


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