Jill & Pops is your new 'happy place to chill and eat'

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED July 25, 2017 11:56 am | UPDATED October 20, 2017 08:29 am

(Inside Manila) When one door closes, another one opens. This is especially true in the case of Jill & Pops Restaurant in the first class municipality of Rizal.

If you’re a loyal customer, you’d think the new eatery robbed old Frank & Charles of its business—it didn’t. The American diner’s owner Jonathan Tolentino actually just renovated the establishment to keep up with the changing trend and to cater to a much larger market.

It was originally planned to be called Otan’s Tapsihan but Jill Tanig, Jonathan’s girlfriend, had something different in mind. We have Riverdale to thank for as it was also almost called Jillikins (like Wilkins Water). Since Jill is a fan of the U.S. television series, she decided to name their restaurant after the characters’ meeting point Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Hence, Jill & Pops: Your Happy Place to Chill and Eat.


Jill & Pops is hard to miss when passing by Tanchoco Avenue in Brgy. San Juan, Taytay. The distinctive establishment banners violet signage and eye-catching exterior that welcome guests. Customers lined at the cashier immediately greet at the glass door but as you get past that, you’ll see why this new restaurant is a hit.

Every corner is picturesque. There’s that wall with synthetic greenery and colorful paints for the rest. Large windows allow light at daytime; Christmas lights and bird cage lanterns at night.  

Sit on wooden chairs inside or outside, or on the floor by the windows or up the loft—there’s a seat for everyone. Except, of course, during peak business hours when it can get overcrowded. Nevertheless, it is a quaint diner where you could hangout and relax with family and friends.


Jill & Pops is not constricted with a specific type of menu. The variety in their menu attracts customers of all ages, from chicken nuggets for kids to Cebu’s Pride Danggit for adults.

From what we’ve tasted, the Famous Skinless Longganisa (P69) was easily our favorite. Just the smell of it reminded us of home, during breakfast when the roosters crow and the sun rises. The mix of sweet and garlic taste on the plate is a perfect mix you simply can’t say no to.

Jill’s original recipe, on the other hand, is Jill’s Tapa (P99). It uses the same sweet-salty mix which made it a foodies’ favorite. They also offer Filipino favorites such as the Roast Beef (P149), where the roasted beef is cooked in creamy white mushroom sauce.

While you’re at it, try the Mexican area. Otan’s Overload Pizza (P149) and Buffalo Chicken Wings (P149) call on those seeking happy hour and quick catch-ups. What better way to top it all off than with the house’s concoction of kiwi and beer (P79). If you’re not into tipple though, we recommend the Okinawa milk tea and Blueberry fruit tea at P69 for 16 oz. and P79 for 22 oz. each.

Completing your experience will be its flagship dessert: the scrumptious bubble waffle. Just watching the chocolate mixture being filled on the bubble waffle maker is an eye candy. The number of combinations available on the Make your own Bubble Waffle promo (P149) is so overwhelming, your sweet tooth will be buzzing.

“In the food industry, you have to be hands-on especially if it’s a startup,” Jill told Inside Manila when asked about her day-to-day responsibilities. As for the business as a whole, the duo expressed interest in expanding and franchising their diner.

While it’s not technically in Manila, Taytay is a conurbation of it. Entry points are by Cainta on the north, Pasig City and Taguig City on the west, Antipolo City in the east, and Angono on the south.

Jill & Pops is located at Tanchoco Avenue, Brgy. San Juan, Taytay, Rizal, and is open from 2 PM to 11 PM daily. For more information, visit Jill & Pops’ official Facebook page.



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