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Relive the Glory Days

of Film Photography Through

These Film Camera Shops

by Maria Romero, December 21, 2018 11:05am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Tech and Business

Relive the Glory Days of Film Photography Through These Film Camera Shops

by Maria Romero, December 21, 2018 11:05am

Film is not dead!

Despite the surge of digital cameras, a growing population of committed and enthusiastic film photographers still refuse to abandon the traditional cameras. These days, instant gratification is all too rife with digital photography so we find something exceptional in old-school film photography.

Nice and affordable analog cameras are hard to find in a sea of DSLRs but look no more as these online shops are making special efforts to keep the glory days of film photography in retrospect.

Shop Casuale

It’s not easy to look for a shop that offers Fujifilm Quick Snap for an affordable price and that is what Shop Casuale is here for. Other than that, they also sell second-hand affordable cameras.

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Our Fujifilm Quicksnap Disposable cameras are available and on hand! We only have few pcs left for this batch so orders your now! ☺️

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Film Forever

From Elizaflex 6x6 TLR to Sea&Sea Motormarine, this shop has established a name for them in the film camera buying and selling realm through their wide range camera offerings. As their name suggests, they hope to promote the warmth of analog photography forever.

Film Camera PH

Film Camera PH is easily one of the favorites in the community. With cameras ranging from 1,000php to 5,000php, you can steal a good deal and can immediately start to discover your photography aptitude. To check on the available products just click #film4everavailable on Instagram.

Soviet Camera Store  

Based in the Philippines, this store brings the community a new level of cameras from Russia. What’s better is that each camera purchase comes with a free original leather bag. Nice deal, eh? Other than cameras, if what you’re looking for are old-school filters and darkroom accessories Soviet Camera Store is the right place for a hassle-free transaction.

Film Folk

Film Folk got all your film photography needs. As film buffs said it, they are the playground of analog film in the internet world. All the filters, accessories, films, and cameras are nicely organized for your convenience.

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Badass @ilfordphoto statement stickers headed your way #wearefilmfolk! Wear your passions proudly!

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Manila Vintage Primes

Manila Vintage Primes is keeping film photography alive as seen in the way they organize their shop. With a little more patience in searching, you can have the perfect film camera and accessories for you through this shop! And other than that, they also post-film shots to inspire the photo enthusiast in us.

Film Camera Bar

New in the business of film cam selling, Film Camera Bar is a shop we all should watch out for. Snatch their first ever Canon FT X QL for a reasonable price!

Film photography was supposed to have been dead but thanks to these shops who made sure that the beauty of analog photos can still be seen in the digital world. What are you waiting for? Go and gift your photographer friends (and maybe even yourself) a film cam and see the world in a different lens.


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