Level Up Your Kris

Kringle Game With These

Creative Gifts under 49php

by Maria Romero, December 20, 2018 6:19pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Level Up Your Kris Kringle Game With These Creative Gifts under 49php

by Maria Romero, December 20, 2018 6:19pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

With Christmas just around the corner, our Holiday hurrahs are surely filled with lots of the traditional Kris Kringle exchange gifts. Yup, that fun and less expensive way to exchange gifts with family or friends.

While we do it year after year, it can sometimes feel a little stale. But we don’t have to repeat those Christmas rituals in exactly the same way. And there’s only one way to spark up your game: Be extra.

Something long

Being someone else’s Secret Santa is all fun and games until you run out of ideas. So let’s stick to the basic category: something long. But add some twist and make it edible as well! Go tickle your friend’s taste buds with baked and fried Churros. For sure, some will say it’s hard to find the cheapest Churros but did you know that Pan De Manila has been offering Churros for 12php only? Make it three Churros to symbolize “I love you” and add a little chocolate dip on the side (12php) to make it more special.

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Budget: 48php for 3 Churros and a chocolate dip. You can also opt to buy as many Churros as you want depending on the budget limit of your Kris Kringle.

Something Nostalgic

It’s a default to wish to just go back to simpler times when all we could think of was how are we going to make it at home from school before our fave cartoons start. To make your Secret Santa a little happier, gift them something that drives their hearts home. Cop anime and boy band posters and jackstone set to make them feel nostalgic! Who wouldn’t budge a tear when they receive a poster of Zayn Malik posing like real hotties? No one.

Budget: 20php for Jackstones and 40php for posters. Go get ‘em at Tiangges!

Something embarrassing

This has been our all-time fave category in the history of Kris Kringle. This is also the time when we could make fun of our wholesome friends. Maybe, it’s time to make them feel like a Malabanan plumber with a declogging tool! Or embarrass them with a framed picture of their office crush and dare them to display it on their table for the whole week! Yikes!

Budget: 30php for a small picture frame and 15php for picture printing

Something useful that no one would buy for themselves

They say it’s the thought that counts in giving gifts. Yup, it’s true. But what’s better way to surprise your loved ones this Holiday season? Give them practical and well-thought-of gifts; something that they can also use even next year! We’re so used to giving and receiving extravagant gifts but giving everyday useful household products like sponge holder for the Tita in the barkada or a ~kawaii~ noodle cup for the Ramen-loving friend and would go a long way.

Being on the receiving end of such a generous practical gift may also open their eyes to the idea that giving gifts isn’t about how much you spent on it.

Budget: 45php

Something hand-made

One of the best ways to make somebody feel special is by adding a personal touch to it. Easily win their heart with a personal pull-out photo book with their candid or even celebrity crush photos. You can also make silly bookmarks cut from old magazines to satisfy your bookworm friends. If you’re a little extra, you can just create a memory bottle jar that includes the smallest details of your friendship. Just don’t make the memories too obvious, though!

Budget: 24php for Mason Jar at the nearest supermarket near you. You can recycle paper if you want to write something about your drawn friend or family member. But you can just put real memorabilia such as an actual receipt from your first lunch out!

Acing your Kris Kringle game isn’t so hard after all. You just need to be a little extra! So go and spread that Christmas Spirit with your family and friends!


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