Maricel Pangilinan's 'Manang' makes appetizing vegetarian dishes

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED July 11, 2017 03:20 pm
Photos from @mommymaricel/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan is a woman of many things; an actress, columnist, and a proud lacto-ovo vegetarian.

"Mommy Maricel" as she calls herself in her blog promotes the lifestyle not just to her family but also in social media through some scrumptious meals made by their family's "Manang" eventually turned into a trend #MyManangRocks

These dishes are visually enticing for the eyes even non-vegetarian might even be enticed! Here are 5 of tasty dishes from Maricel's #MyManangRocks

1. "Manang" made had her own version of a meat-free "sisig." 

2. "Manang" had also came up with her own interpretation of mixed rice dish "Biryani" using assorted veggies and some nuts

3. Everything that is 'pizza-fied' is already delicious. But Manang's vegetarian pizza is definitely way tastier and healthier.

4. Simple and yummy? The veggie tempura wrapped in nori might be a healthy dish you'd happily make and eat.

5. Manang made an unpopular food combination; zucchini side by side with humus. It might not be the most popular dish but it's a healthy and delicious combo worth the try. 



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