These Popular Local Shops

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Pop-up Bazaars

by Sherry Tadeja, December 06, 2018 10:40am


These Popular Local Shops We Love Started in Pop-up Bazaars

by Sherry Tadeja , December 06, 2018 10:40am

There’s no risk-taking quite like owning a business. Business ventures are usually a trial-and-error process and that’s why marketplaces like bazaars are great avenues for budding entrepreneurs. If you're looking for inspiration to push your business ideas, these now-popular shops that started as small stalls in bazaars might just inspire you. Check them out below:

Merry Moo

The man behind Merry Moo, Kelvin Ngo, started with a small ice cream maker. He experimented with combinations and took in actual feedbacks from bazaar-goers.

“We did this with our small mobile freezer cart and slowly expanded into other markets such as Salcedo and Legazpi,” wrote Kelvin Ngo, Chief Ice Cream Officer.

Several weekend markets later, Merry Moo moved into kiosks stations in SM Megamall, SM Aura, and opened a sister store called Sundays by Merry Moo at The Podium. When asked what can he say to aspiring entrepreneurs, “My message would be to always try to push forward with your goals but also be grateful for what you have”

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Team Manila Graphic Design Studio

Founded in 2001 Team Manila is a graphic design studio that started simply through themed bazaar stores like the Department of Trade and Industry’s Go Lokal. Today, known and backed with an impressive portfolio, Team Manila is more than their graphic design works but has become a bearer of Pinoy pride as well.

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Café Mary Grace

Café Mary Grace is one of those successful food establishments with the humblest beginnings—a mother who started sharing her homemade fruitcakes and later on created the shop's iconic ensaymada and cheese roll. A few bazaars and several years later, it built its first kiosk at Glorietta. Today, Café Mary Grace is a local premium cafe producing pastry and hearty meals that remind you so much of home.

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Akaba Ltd. Co.

Akaba Ltd. Co is the brainchild of young professionals collaborating from Ateneo University to make quality, locally made bags using local hand-woven textile material specifically local fibers, and cow leather. Akaba prides itself for its fair trade practices, training, and employing people from economically-challenged communities. Today more than producing high-quality bags, the brand has also ventured to food and essential oils.

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Whole Pet Kitchen

What started as an act of love to treat their dogs turned out to be the first natural pet bakery named Whole Pet Kitchen. Today it serves eye meals both for their human customers, treats, food, and cakes for their and pawed companions—yes! They craft actual dog-safe cakes for your paw friend.

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Follow them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media pages for more furry snaps as well as scrumptious (for your pets) treat.


What started as a small unique shop in bazaars, Linya-Linya has now become the young adults' go-to comic-relief brand. Punny and witty statement shirts and other lifestyle merch are an ongoing hype for young adults today which Linya-Linya offers. Its urban street art style sure gets some laughs especially for those who are punny enough to get it on the first read.

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Mind you the rave, success and, yes, sales are not done overnight. These shops made bazaars their stepping stones to test the waters and an avenue for them to be discovered, so it’s only a matter of time ‘til their hard work and investment pays off. Who's to say you can't be as successful as them too?

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