Real Talk

To First-Time Voters, Changing

Our Nation Requires You

to Take Action Now

by Maria Romero, December 03, 2018 8:40am

Real Talk

To First-Time Voters, Changing Our Nation Requires You to Take Action Now

by Maria Romero, December 03, 2018 8:40am

You must have seen early campaign materials extolled with the face of aspiring office-bearers for next year’s midterm polls. But have you ever thought of actually taking the time to know more about these people?

In the upcoming elections, which is President Rodrigo Duterte’s midway term, we expect to see significant turnout (again) as we elect new sets of Senators, House Representatives, and provincial officers. This may sound too overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time voter. You may even be discouraged by the thought that imparting lasting changes is only attainable if you're in a position of power or if you have the money but that’s straight-up false. Because by simply exercising your vote, you can change the way we all live.

It’s important to gear up because you wouldn’t want to go to your voting precinct with cold feet and waste your vote due to our often-surprisingly complex poll procedures and logistics. If this isn’t enough, we’re going to tell you more reasons why changing our nation requires you to take action NOW.

  1. Voting means rewarding officers who have integrity and honesty. For sure you wouldn't want to reward the people who failed you.

This has always been the cycle: politicians running for fame and power, people electing the wrong ones, and the blame-game begins.

In just a few months our future will be led by the people we will elect and our lives will be largely affected by this. Select the ones that represent the right principles. They are those that dependably make all efforts to improve the life and welfare of their constituents. They consider themselves as servants and the people as their paymasters. Above all, they prioritize the public interest with purest intentions at heart.

People on the other side of the globe, unfortunately, cannot enjoy their right to vote but you have your choices. Our ancestors didn’t fight long and hard for our right to vote only to take it for granted. So please choose wisely.

  1.  Politicians are given influential powers. Thrust your votes to the wrong ones and we’ll go backwards.

The upcoming midterm elections — with all the giddy trapos flooding in with their fervor of power — is a great reminder of how our country needs you to wisely vote more than ever. The people we allow to claim seats in the government hold more power than we could ever think of. They are the people that will lead our country towards the future.

Take senators for example, they serve six-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms with a basic salary of 90,000php a month. Every three years, we elect half of the new batch of Senators to ensure that the Senate is maintained as a continuous body. Are you willing to allow the wrong people to easily get that hefty amount of money monthly? This is why it’s only fair to start the process of choosing by knowing who the candidates for different elective posts are.

You can start checking on the full list of 2019 Senatorial candidates here. On December, the election bureau will release the full list of all the people vying for positions which bring us to our next point.

  1. There are people who are only in politics for themselves, not for the public.

The truth is political corruptions for illegitimate private gain happen every time. Greedy politicians whose hearts are only in it for themselves should never, at any cost, be tolerated. This is why we are encouraging you, especially the younger ones, to always be politically aware.

Taking the time to research can be overwhelming and confusing but there are no swift shortcuts in doing this as this is the work that a concerned and responsible citizen must get done.

Politicians’ party platforms, on the other hand, are also the determining factors as to how voters who have their own sense of political attitudes would pick their chosen candidates. Platforms may not mean much to most voters but these are important parts that help to organize our system. It's better to get to know more about those, too.

Tips: Explore the candidate’s social media accounts, watch their interviews and understand how they answer important questions. If they stand on your hot-button issues, such politician surely deserves a shade on your ballot.

Our right to choose our leaders isn’t just a vital right, it is what makes democracy survive. However, casting your votes on the most suitable candidates isn’t as easy as eenie meenie miney mo; it requires rigorous evaluation and analyzing.

To the young people whose burning passion never ceases no matter the circumstance, just know that the only way to change things is if you continue engaging in political activities and conversations. So much with the older people sustaining the status quo, it’s time we all break it!


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