7 Underrated Sticker Brands

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by Jace Amodo, November 22, 2018 1:23pm

Art by Dani Elevazo. Sticker photos from respective artists in the list.


7 Underrated Sticker Brands You Should Follow on Instagram

by Jace Amodo, November 22, 2018 1:23pm
Art by Dani Elevazo. Sticker photos from respective artists in the list.

Stocking up on convention haul nowadays is expensive, and rightfully so because good art ain't cheap. Filling up our sticker, print, and zine stash with works of popular artists have become the main reason to attend fairs.

However, if you're looking for under-the-radar artists with fresh designs and unique art styles, you've come to the right place. We found seven talented graphic artists and illustrators with Instagram accounts falling beneath 1K followers, but deserves more.

Pixel Hero
It's hard to remember the time 8-bit art appreciation resurfaced, but it's comforting to know it is being kept alive through brands like Pixel Hero. With its original pixel art designs mainly influenced by video game characters, Pixel Hero contributed to the local 8-bit art love.

Meow Project
If you love dressing up your feline friends (or wishing you have one in the first place), you'll fall in love with this shop. Meow Project turns its signature cat model into Japanese fiction characters, Hollywood superheroes, and more. You can thank meow later.

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Have a meownificent day!

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The Milk Slap
Rad dogs, corgi butts, skateborkers—we simply can't get enough of The Milk Slap's sticker packs. And those were just titles; its sharp and edgy art style shouts retro vibes you'll want to paste on your laptop right away.

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WTVR. • New sticker pack alert! Available now 👏🏻 just check out my bio if you wanna order!

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Squirrel Head
Artist Shyla knows what's up: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, good dogs, Star Wars, tacos, Marty McFly and more good dogs. Crafting from a select fandom and targeting a specific audience is downright a bold move, which is an accurate depiction of the quote, "do what you love." Hats off.

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Good boy pack ft. Pepper & Corby • • • #dog #illustration #dogsticker #stickersph #stickers #goodboy #artmnl #artistsoninstagram #artph

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The Ugly Series
Sticker packs from this shop are, as ironic as it may sound, fine prints. Each illustration doesn't shy away from warm colors and bold lines, forming a somewhat psychedelic impression. Some posts may not be for the faint of heart, though.

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Almost there. 💓✨

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A three-artist page, Pintachar offers a combination of graffiti, watercolor, and digital art. These people love their buyers so much, they always take their photo and post it online. Some see a messy feed, some a testament.

Raffy Borromeo
Artists who use their craft for a good cause are to be cherished. Raffy here practices sustainability with the "less plastic, more aesthetic" mantra in each of her works, may it be stickers or postcards. She has some interesting thoughts on the zero-waste initiative, too.

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tl;dr: Less Plastic, More Aesthetic 💖 . I recently learned, back when I was still making my experimental packaging, that a lot of my artist friends felt guilty for using plastic but just had no choice. I get them though, it's so long lasting and protective! It's just, when I had to, I really couldn't get myself to purchase plastic...knowing it'll be thrown right away. So I tried to make my own packaging from scratch. It was difficult guys but I think it was worth it. Now that my products are in store I'll see how they'll fare overtime. They're not perfect at the moment so if you do see them and get to examine them, I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions! . Fangirling bit: @frannerd is at a whole different level though. She talks about her packaging in one of her videos and you all need to check it out!! She uses bioplastic and ethically sourced items! (Sharing the link in my bio. It's around the 5 min mark) . . . p.s. buy my merch at Hey Kessy - Alabang Town Center branch (their store is right beside the Metro Department store. Near Vans and Payless) ✨ #toodamnlongpost #illustration #digitalart #traditionalart #artph #illustagram #editorialillustration #illustratorsofinstagram #designph #artistoninstagram #sustainability #packagingdesign #packaging #lessplasticmoreaesthetic #stickers #postcards

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The number of followers is at odds with the quality and skills presented by underrated artists through their feeds. The next time you visit a convention, an art market, or a pop-up event, try to splurge on every nook of it. You wouldn’t want to miss a gem.

This story is part of our Inside Manila Sticker Book 2018 series which features brands and talented artists who create stickers among others. Read the rest of the series here.


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