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5 Convenience Store Hacks

You’d Be Thankful To


by Sherry Tadeja, November 19, 2018 2:51pm

Career and Finance

5 Convenience Store Hacks You’d Be Thankful To Know

by Sherry Tadeja , November 19, 2018 2:51pm

When it comes to food in general, whether you're striving or starving this petsa de peligro, you’d still want to get what you paid for. Thankfully, your fellow netizens got your back with these convenience store hacks we found on the internet. Take notes, check these out and save up!

DIY McFlurry

What if we you tell you can have a cheap, delicious, 5 cups of McFlurry for the barkada around Php100 only?

This viral post reveals how you can DIY your own McFlurry for a lesser price. Just purchase a cup of Ministop Vanilla Ice Cream and Cream-O you could add other treats too!

Iced Hershey’s Chocolate, anyone?

Turn 7-Eleven's hot chocolate to something ice-cold and totally refreshing.

Purchase 7-Eleven's iced cup (Php36) meant for their iced coffee and pour in Hershey's Hot Chocolate instead. If you want to add more ice, their ice dispenser is at your disposal just be careful with the spill.

Mochaccino ala 7-Eleven

Here's one we found on Twitter; blend your own mochaccino with a mix of the store's 8oz Hershey's Dark Chocolate and 8oz French Vanilla. This concoction results a 16oz more chocolate-y mochaccino ala 7-Eleven.

Twirl It Like A Genius

Old it seems, but this trick is definitely gold. Get most out of your sundae swirls at Family Mart, just grab a cup big enough for the sundae then transfer it and top it off with the cone. Now you’ve got yourself a budget-cup of sundae goodness.

Root Beer Float

Upgrade from your usual coke float and try a new one with root beer float! DIY your own by buying a Mug Rootbeer and a Vanilla Ice Cream at MiniStop. Combine the two in a cup and voila—root beer float.

Do you have a hack of your own? Spill the tea with us in the comment section below!

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