Dream Wedding: 7 Designers for the perfect bridal gown

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED June 7, 2017 04:45 pm | UPDATED June 7, 2017 04:50 pm
Photo from Francis Libiran's bridal collection entitled "Affaire de Coeur"/Official Instagram account

(Inside Manila) Any woman could dream the perfect wedding, right? If by any chance you're a bride who will go the extra mile, not to mention the extra (extra) cash for a beautiful couture, you may want to consider these top notch designers. If you're on the other side of the economic status, there's no harm in dreaming and calling for your fairy godmother.

But on a serious note, these Filipino designers are known not just for their fashion forward but also their take on bridal gowns that is just mind-blowingly beautiful.

Michael Cinco

If this Dubai-based Filipino designer isn't in your consideration you'd miss the oppurtunity of a fairytale-esque bridal gown with intricate details and sprinkle of swarovski crystals.

Of course, a Michael Cinco gown price is no joke. A realistic example and most current price range is Marian Rivera's wedding gown that costs P2, 000,000!

Francis Libiran

Award winning fashion designer, Libiran has a wide array of take in wedding gowns. Even the simplest mermaid gown is finely detailed. It's a quality and beauty at the same time.


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In 2013 a blogpost it reveal quotations of some of the known wedding designers with Libiran pricing up to P150, 000! How much more is it today?!

Jazel Sy

Another known figure in bridal couture, Jazel Sy takes your important dress to elegant and bit quirky designs. She's known for imposing stunning details on her creations.


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Sy recently styled sexy actress Bangs Garcia's wedding gown. And dressed Maine Mendoza's character 'Sinag' is the concluded "Destined to be Yours." Her price rate for custom made bridal gowns starts at P50, 000.

Monique Lhuillier

Who wouldn't consider another sought off designer like Monique Lhuillier? It's not just a brand for the well-off but truthfully, Lhuillier's designs are luxurious, unusual and strikingly beautiful.

But Lhuillier's gown is pricey as it is beautiful, a signature gown of her costs $5000-20,000 roughly around P250, 000 to P990, 000.

Cecilio Abad

Cecilio Abad is popular among designers who offer custom made bridal gowns. Abad's designs play with lace, crystals, beads and embroidery.

Like any other custom made gowns, Abad's couture are P100, 000 and above especially if it considers the details and fabrics to be used and considered.

Patricia Santos

Patricia Santos has been gaining attention in the wedding industry with her designs. A few months ago she styled Nadine Lustre for the 48th box office entertainment awards.


Santos' custom made gown is price at P100, 000+ with consideration of the design and materials will be used.

Zandra Lim

Elegance is what Zandra Lim is about to her couture; if you're pegging this theme for your dream wedding it's best to consult her expertise.

Zandra Lim's custom made couture ranges from P80, 000+ while her ready to wear line are at P150,000+



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