Survival Tips

These shops found ways

to upgrade your milk

tea game

by Sherry Tadeja, November 15, 2018 4:52pm

Survival Tips

These shops found ways to upgrade your milk tea game

by Sherry Tadeja, November 15, 2018 4:52pm

The milk tea craze in the country has been here for quite a while, and yet it only gets crazier. With new shops popping in every corner, new offerings to try and even more ways to enjoy every sip because these milk tea shops have come up with innovative ways to upgrade your milk tea game. Check them out below.

1000 cc Milk Tea

We know that one large cup is enough, how about take it the extra mile? Around 1000cc (1 liter!) extra mile. The Big 1 solely sells the 1000cc size for no more than Php100 each. If this doesn't get your fill of milk tea for the day, then we give up.

Check The Big 1 on their branches at SM Megamall, SM San Lazaro, Seascape Village and Victory Mall at Pasay.

Popping Bobba

If you’re not a fan of pearls, but feel like a milk tea isn’t complete without those round sinkers, My Girl Milktea’s might be the one. My Girl Milktea is famous for their popping bobba sinkers. Each bobba is said to have a flavor inside that spills once it's chewed hence the 'popping' effect. The shop also sells in medium and extra-large sizes (1000cc!).

Visit My Girl Milktea and Coffee Shop at Ayala Malls Southpark, Vista Mall Molino, and at Eastwood.

Milk Tea Tower

TeaTone & Buffalo Soldier offers a barkada package for the gang in the form of milk tea towers. It comes complete with "pulutan" pearls, coconut jelly, and fruit jelly. Now that’s the kind of walwal we're down for.

Visit TeaTone & Buffalo Soldier' other unique offerings at these branches: Teatone Main Branch Mandaluyong, Teatone Lipa Batangas, and at Teatone Polo Valenzuela.

Unlimited Milk Tea

If unlimited rice is acceptable then who would think unlimited milk tea is regretful? Cafénopoly might have made every milk tea lovers dream come true with its unli-MilkTea only at Php99!

Visit Cafénopoly at 102 Domingo M. Guevarra, Mandaluyong City.

Two-In-One MilkTea

Even the phrase “two-in-one” can also be applied to milk tea. I Love Milktea sells such--a large cup is divided equally into two sections where two different flavors are poured in. Don’t worry about it having a weird taste because its already made to go harmoniously with one another.

I Love Milktea is available all throughout the country. Check the nearest branch near you here.

Selfie Milk Tea

Yep, you’ve read it right. There’s an actual milk tea shop that serves your selfie on your drink! At The Selftea Lab you order a milk tea, have their employee take a picture of you, and their magical printer of some sort prints your selfie in the drink’s thick-coated cream. And it only takes 10 seconds to have it printed out!

Check their branches out at SM North Edsa, SM Manila, SM Clark, SM Downtown, SM Pampanga, SM Telabastagan, SM Lucena, SM Calamba, SM Bacoor, SM Dasma, SM Trece, and Festival Mall.

With these shops around, we know that the milk tea craze wouldn't fade just like that.


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