Food and Drinks

This Competition Innovates Sisig

Like Never Before

by Sherry Tadeja, November 14, 2018 5:20pm

Food and Drinks

This Competition Innovates Sisig Like Never Before

by Sherry Tadeja, November 14, 2018 5:20pm

Sisig is a simple classic dish that has become a pulutan staple.Usually made of pig face, garlic, onions and liver sprinkled with sliced chili and a cut of calamansi and served over a sizzling plate; simply talking about it makes us crave for one. Sisig has become a popular dish in the filipino household that many versions have been made.

But despite its variations in different regions, each sisig's look and taste isn't farfetch from one another. It’s quite tricky to experiment with this pinoy favorite, but these Chefs at the Knorr Certified Sisig Masters beg to differ as they came up with a creative and tasty twist to Sisig that is—still and always will—for all.


SOSPA or Sisig Oh, Salad Pa is a sisig-recipe with a twist of honey-calamansi salad, kiping chips, and chili cheddar cheese. If you think a plate of sizzling sisig can overwhelm you, then you probably haven't tried this dish.

Sisig Quesadilla

A Fil-Mex fusion of two favorites, sisig quesadilla puts the classic pulutan in between tortilla, different types of cheese, chips, tomato, bell pepper, and onions.

Tuna Sisig With Salted Egg

Sisig can get healthy, too. Thispescatarian-friendly take substitutes pork to tuna and uses salted egg to introduce new-yet-familiar taste.

SquaBaMa Sisig

Take your healthy sisig game up a notch with SquaBaMa. The dish's name and what its composed is literally squash, banana, and malunggay. What's more is tastes, looks and feels like the real deal.

Zab's Pizza Thin Crust

Take your sisig by the slice. This time, the favorite pulutan dish founds itself to a thin crust pizza topped with its signature egg. Yum.

Lechon Sisig

Patterned after the classic sisig dish, lechon sisig presents both lechon and sisig in a new light. Be ready for an extra savory gourmet experience.

Pork Dynamite Sisig

Sisig by itself has its own kick of heat. But stuff it inside a green chili and fry is a whole new level. Pork Sisig Dynamite gives a new take to a classic meryenda dynamite lumpia.


A fan-favorite is Pusisig where a whole squid is stuffed and filled with, none other than, sisig. With its grilled seafood goodness paired with the flavors of sisig, it's a match made in heaven.

We're definitely hungry for more. Long live sisig!

For more information about Knorr's Sisig Master 2018, visit Unilever Food Solutions' official website.


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