Magbalik: A Run-down of

Callalily’s Songs You Probably

Sang Along To

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, November 06, 2018 11:09am

Art by Dani Elevazo


Magbalik: A Run-down of Callalily’s Songs You Probably Sang Along To

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, November 06, 2018 11:09am
Art by Dani Elevazo

It has been more than a decade since Callalily was formed. Our transition period from grade school to high school were probably spent listening to them. Through the years, their songs became anthems on radios. Until now, their music has a certain charm that stays and grows with the listeners.

Now, let's all be nostalgic and pay a little tribute to our beloved band and to these songs that has contributed to our first heartaches and sing-alongs with the class.


Niyakap mong mahigpit palapit sa'yo
Wala na ngang hihigit sa pag-ibig mo
Pinawi mong lahat ng luha't kalungkutan sa 'king puso

The title might be taken out of a different context but the actual lyrics talks of being grateful for someone who loves you despite your flaws.


Sumabay kayo sa mga awit ko
Tungkol sa gabay at panaginip mo
Dahil sa inyo tuloy ang ikot ng mundo

This is a tribute to the loyal fans of Callalily, and we are more than honored to be part of the band’s journey.


Bakit ba sa akin na lang
Palagi ang takbo
Sa tuwing kayo ay may away
Ako ang lagi mong karamay
'Di naman tayo, hindi
'Di ba't hindi

“Pansamantala” will hit us faster than we can say "friendzone". To those who are willing to be the crying shoulders of the one they love the most (who loves somebody else), we salute you.


Susundan kahit san man magpunta
Di ka mawawala sa puso kong iyong iyo lamang
Di kita malilimutan

Remember this song's music video? Their desert setting is as "hot" as Kean Cipriano (oops).


Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip

A constant reminder that no matter how far apart you are with a certain loved one, distance shouldn’t be problem when it comes in expressing how you care.


You are my light
You are my home
You are my sanctuary
You are my peace
You give me hope
You are my sanctuary

If someone would sing to you this Callalily song, we think tears of joy will overflow. To be called as someone’s sanctuary? That’s more than “awww-worthy”.


At ngayon, pasan kita
Ngayon mo na makikita
Hindi ka na, sa akin ay luluha pa

This is the band reminding us that we are not alone. Thank you, Callalily.

Take My Hand

Take my hand
We'll fly to the sky
Close your eyes, I'm at your side
Tomorrows gonna be just fine

Callalily really knows how to comfort their listers since 2006.


If only I had wings so I can fly
I wanna be with you for all of time
My love
For you will never die

A perfect song for those who have loved, been apart, and lost. Still having a lot of feelings for this, tbh.


Wala nang dating pagtingin
Sawa na ba saking lambing
Wala ka namang dahilan
Bakit bigla na lang nang iwan

And, oh yes. The most well-known song of Callalily. We won't be surprised if you memorized every line of Magbalik. I mean, who wouldn't?

We know the lyrics are stuck in your head for the longest time. We can’t blame you. Callalily’s music already made it to our hearts and for sure, it will stay.

If we missed your favorite Callalily song, let us know!


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