Arts and Culture

A Comprehensive Guide to

Museums Inside Manila

by Jace Amodo, November 04, 2018 6:38pm

Here's a handy guide!

Arts and Culture

A Comprehensive Guide to Museums Inside Manila

by Jace Amodo, November 04, 2018 6:38pm
Here's a handy guide!

A lot has been said about Philippine history—some good, some bad—but it all boils down to one single word: rich. So rich, history lessons at school can come off overwhelming at times. When drawn by curiosity and not by a book, a museum is a place to be.

Museums do that, care for art and culture and all. And because a lot of people relate to or support such sentiment, these institutions keep on giving. We're talking about diverse art exhibits, lively festivals, educational fairs—all of which keep the community participation at peak.  

With or without a penchant for local museums, getting familiar with the basic know-how and what-not will serve us right at one point of our lives. Hence, Inside Manila rounds up everything you need to know about museums in Manila through a comprehensive guide.

What’s to Celebrate About Museums and Galleries Month

In case you're wondering why our museums are a bit vibrant than usual every October, it's because this month is the Museums and Galleries Month. Here, we take you on a tour around the celebration's hows and whys.

All the Beautiful, Interesting Museums You Can Visit in Manila for Free

The admiration towards the institutions that store artifacts of artistic, cultural, and historical importance rises incessantly whenever there's an open house. What more if it's permanently free? Get a glimpse of our country's past at these museums—free of charge.

Museum-Hopping? Here Are Your 8 Essentials

Asking the essentials before embarking on a trip to the museum isn't always a top priority, a merit that is often overlooked. Whether you're going for an educational or casual museum experience, you should aim for it to be a comfortable visit. You'll be surprised at how ubiquitous the necessities are.

Modern Museum Etiquette: The Do’s and Please Don’ts

If you look close enough at an artwork, you can almost imagine the work done by the artist. It's easy to lose yourself in fascination and blur rules in the background, it'll be comfortable for you that way. But with ample knowledge of proper museum etiquette, it'll be comfortable for you AND for everyone else.

These Interactive Museums in Manila are Perfect for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Seeing young'uns appreciating art in museums is such a precious picture, a poetry in motion so to speak. To see them actively engaging in an activity? Now that's a plus. Too energetic and it's gonna cost you more than just your admission fee. Saying "no" to a kid and appear assertive isn't a good practice for most parents, so we're glad interactive museums exist. "Don't touch the art" doesn't always apply here.

These Museums Provide the Aesthetic for Your Next IG Post

We're no strangers to museum-goers casually or constantly taking pictures beside, behind, or camoflauged with the artwork. If you're looking solely for artsy, aesthetic IG feed-friendly spots, say no more.

These Museums and Art Galleries Are the Most Sociable Online

We said it before and we'll say it again: talking buildings are real (at least online). Myriad institutions extend their reach online to update their patrons with the latest and sometimes, sneak strategically pick words in captions or photos that invite its followers to get up for once and visit, much to the delight of netizens.

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