Charice to quit showbiz after breakup with partner Alyssa

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED May 2, 2017 09:26 am

(Inside Manila) Charice Pempengco and his live-in partner Alyssa Quijano have broken up, as confirmed by the singer’s handler, Carl Cabral.

"Yes, Charice and Alyssa have broken up and it was a mutual decision," said Cabral in a text message sent to ABS-CBN’ News’ MJ Felipe, "Charice is not accepting any interviews and now taking a break. He's doing fine and he's happy. Thank you very much."

“Pilipino Star Ngayon” on Wednesday, April 26, has first reported the rumor about the split after Quijano was seen leaving the singer’s apartment last week, carrying packed bags with her.

Cabral then confirmed the rift but debunked the tabloid’s claim that Charice is currently staying with a friend in Laguna because Charice bought his own house.

Jed Velasco, Charice’s manager, told Philippine Entertainment Portal ( that he is no longer handling Charice’s career, adding: "I heard she canceled her concert and parang nag-quit na siya sa showbiz."

The concert being “Charice: End of Chapter Rock Concert”, set to take place last March 24 in Kia Theatre, was canceled soon after hinting personal situation through his social media accounts.

It was in 2013 when Charice and Quijano publicized their relationship. In an interview last September 2016, the couple, who were celebrating their fourth anniversary at that time, mentioned plans about getting married and having a child.

The slowly-deteriorating singing career of Charice was recognized by the surprisingly flop album release and lack of TV guesting. And now that his “comfort and sanity” is gone, his decision to take a break from showbiz, as fans say, may be the only right thing to do.



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