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Myth-Busting: These Students Prove

That There’s Money in


by Maria Romero, October 18, 2018 1:08pm

Art by Dani Elevazo

Vox Pop

Myth-Busting: These Students Prove That There’s Money in Art

by Maria Romero, October 18, 2018 1:08pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

“Why not take a different course?”
“You'll never have money in art.”
“You’ll only end up working as a non-creative once you realize that your passion can’t feed you.”
“There’s more to life than making art. Go on out there."
*sobs internally*

These are phrases that art students and even artists already working in the creative industry have heard a gazillion times. Yes, you can say all the pessimistic remarks y’all can but none of those can and will stop artists from conquering the world through their craft.

And if up until now you still can’t think of any way to see art as something profitable, then think no more and just go get some tea, Susan. A little bowl of popcorn might also help as these students who made money from art (while getting their degree!) give us all their two cents.

Paula Viray, 17

Paula Viray is a Grade 12 student from a Science High School who does digital art not just as an escape but as a way to earn money, too.

Sen (as Paula likes to be called) discovered the artistic aptitude at a young age but took it more seriously at age 13. That was also the time when Sen discovered Tumblr, the free-for-all blogging site where creatives alike can freely express themselves.

From making commissioned art to finally having an online store, Sen finds art as liberating. This young artist may have had a rough start with *their mom who used to throw away *their drawings, but it didn’t take long before *their mom stopped berating *them whenever she sees her child drawing instead of studying.

*Their two cents: “Filipinos commonly look down on creators, yet are very active in consuming the art created. My message for these people is this: You cannot demand a service while at the same time looking down upon those who provide it. The media that you consume in your daily lives wouldn’t exist without these creators. Those who say that art is not profitable are the same ones who refuse to support art.”

Jeanine Nido, 19

Jeanine Nido is a Civil Engineering student who does digital and traditional art. She used to just doodle around until some of her classmates noticed that she has a talent for art. At 7th Grade, she started making commissioned art but she had to stop because of college.

“Every time someone would say that there's no money in art, I’d just assume that maybe that person doesn't realize that they're actually buying art every time they buy a piece of clothing or furniture,” she shared.

Her two cents: “Everything around you is art. The house you're living in is a work of art and you actually paid for it. Without artists, everything around you probably wouldn't be existing right now. Don't enjoy the products of art if you're not willing to acknowledge the artists behind it.”

Trick Reyes, 20

His fascination for art that started since he was a kid made him eager to create something whenever he’s holding a medium. Now, years later, he took Fine Arts majoring in Advertising to do what he loves doing: art. For Trick Reyes, pursuing his dreams through a bachelor’s degree is one thing but making money out of his sheer talent is another.

“It is nice that we get to earn from doing art and that is something that takes time and effort to do. It is not true that there's no money in art because there is always a way in profiting from what you do if you just have initiative and effort,” Trick said.

His two cents: “Some people may not realize this, but we're surrounded by art. The things we watch on television, a restaurant's interior design, book covers, everything is a form of art. So it’s very possible to make a profit from doing art. People should see the bigger picture rather than focusing on stereotypes and looking down on people who chose to do what they love.”

Mom and Dad, there’s actually money in art. It only seems that there’s none because people don’t simply give it much respect as a profession. You see, even students can make money out of it! A little support would do a lot, yah know! *winks*

*Pronouns have been revised as per interviewee’s request.


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