A Twihard and a

Try-Hard Discuss Why There’s

No Better Love Story

Than Twilight

by Sherry Tadeja, August 17, 2020 4:40pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


A Twihard and a Try-Hard Discuss Why There’s No Better Love Story Than Twilight

by Sherry Tadeja, August 17, 2020 4:40pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

I don’t get why people hate Twilight. Sure, it involves a human falling in love with a vampire, whose nature is to kill her, but what love story has it easy? I believe Twilight is a unique and beautiful love story if people just give it a chance. So, for my love of the Twilight Saga (you can call me a Twihard), I’m willing to change the mind of anyone who thinks otherwise.

Starting with our team’s main fire sign and Managing Editor, Erika, whose judgment I trust. One, she’s one of those people who see to believe and second hasn’t watched Twilight yet! So, not only my goal is to make her see Twilight does not suck but also make her like this teenage love story.

TRY HARD: 15 minutes into the movie and I’m waiting ‘til everyone [including my self!] to be comfortable and be less awkward. Okay, make that 30 minutes. Okay, everyone’s just awkward here. Bella most of all. Girl

TWIHARD:  I think Bella's personality is cute! The movie establishes Isabella Marie Swan aka Bella is just like any other normal teenager. Everyone is as shy as her as a teenager, maybe even more.

She may lack social skills on the outside but all of her "personality" is inside her head.

The movie allowed us to peek into the world beyond her eyes but in the Twilight book, it’s mostly narrated in her perspective.  

TRY HARD: Okay, point taken. But Edward Cullen is just as awkward, too. I would’ve expected better from a 17-year old Vampire who lived a century.

TWIHARD: But isn’t his awkwardness broke the stereotype for vampires? Before Twilight, vampires were seen to be old and intimidating and are afraid of the sun. In the franchise, Vampires are portrayed to be more human-like. 

TRY HARD: Is the setting really supposed to be that gloomy? What is the movie (or story) trying to achieve here? Please convince me before I decide to watch better love stories than Twilight instead.

TWIHARD: In the forest scene, Edward explained they can’t be harmed by the sun, but they can’t go out when there’s a sun. It’s because of their marble-like figure sparkle like diamonds! It’s not the case in Forks, Washington though as the constant rain and clouds blend them to these utterly pale but inhumanely beautiful “humans”.

TRY HARD: Okay, maybe I’ll give it more screen-time. Let’s talk about the forest scene, this is supposed to be the kilig-climax part of the movie, right? “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb”? I’m not sure if this is because I got a 79 grade on Chemistry, but I just don’t see the chemistry between Bella and Edward (or Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson).

TWI-HARD: I admit, hearing the lines from the movie at this age got me a little bit of cringe. But the “three things I’m absolutely positive about…” is the line I would exempt from this slight letdown. I believe it’s actually movie-worthy than be read in the book. So it’s good they included it in the movie.

So, imagine, you’re a thirteen or fourteen-year-old teenager in 2008, those lines can make you swoon especially with the RobSten love team.Their on-screen interaction is the anchor to the movie’s success. They effectively convinced this forbidden love between a human and a vampire is watchable on screen. I can compare them to uptight, awkward loveteams but definitely worked and, tbh, is sexy; Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in “13 Going 30,” Emma Ston and Jessy Eisenberg in “Zombie Land,” and Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert in “Beautiful Creatures”. 

Separated they have their own charisma but together they’re an interesting duo worth investing in.

TRY HARD: Can we talk about the parent-figures in this movie though? What is up with the parenting skills of this film?

TWI-HARD: I believe Twilight brought a realistic set of parents on-screen, especially with Bella’s, separated parents. There’s the youthful and forgetful Renee; awkward, silent but loving Charlie and the more traditional ones in the form of the motherly Esme and her partner Dr. Carlise Cullen who’s compassion made him resist human blood.

I especially loved especially Dr. Carlisle’s story, he perfected his “self-control” of human blood to not just exists to feed but be more of what became of him. He discovered the “vegetarian diet” of feeding to animal blood instead of humans.

Did you know,  they theorize vegetarian covens have stronger bonds than traditional ones? Because the latter is ruled over by instinct to belong to a strong group rather than relationships in the former.

If that alone isn’t good enough of an explanation, then you won’t get Twilight. Because the movie is about that—redeeming oneself. <3

TRY HARD: Tell me more about the redeeming one’s self plot?

TWI-HARD: It’s why Edward’s coven chose and remained a “vegetarian” to the end. They may have become this evil incarnate being, still, they believe it’s not too late for them to find a silver lining in their immortal situation. 

Aren’t we the same? Trying to salvage some good out of the unfortunate things? 

They want to ease the guilt of becoming this monstrous being who preys on humans. And finding an alternative in animal blood, they can compensate what they’ve become. They can live without the guilt, live normally for a vampire, and at some point feel like they’re good.

TRY HARD: Isn’t Bella setting a bad example for teenagers everywhere? Running away from your family for a boy you just met? 

TWI-HARD: If it’s for the better good of your loved ones, in this case for the sake of her parents, I would white lie too for their lives. 

What Bella did was run away with Edward to prevent her parents from getting killed because of a hunter vampire. As you know, it didn’t turn out the way they planned. Instead, we saw how much Bella loved her mother to do what she did even if there’s no assurance of getting back alive. 

I’m not saying it’s an admirable example, but in her situation, it’s the right thing to do.

TRY HARD: At this point, I’m not really sure if I should finish the whole movie, let alone the franchise. What should I look forward to other than Edward fighting his urge not to suck Bella, which I think Bella is willing enough anyway, because—and I’m sorry to say this—marupok si ate girl.

TWI-HARD: What you should look forward to? Ooh, there are lots! But my favorite is Edward giving Bella human experiences. As seen in the movie, it’s getting her to prom even if she hates and cannot dance. And (spoiler) he’s committed all throughout!

The marupok part, well, I’d go marupok too if you have an insanely beautiful man as a boyfriend. And I know it won’t be just me haha.

Out of the supernatural things Twilight did, it presented unconditional love that sees past the bad past and the wrongdoings more so if that person is sorry for what he/she did. Think of the movie as a teenager version of “Beauty and the Beast” or the “Phantom of the Opera”. In the end, loved ruled and Edward didn’t kill her. Twilight may have its flaws and loopholes and I can agree it isn’t “the better love story” but who has anyway?


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