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Read Filipino Mythology With

a Twist With These

Local Novels

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 28, 2020 1:10am

Art by Dani Elevazo

Arts and Culture

Read Filipino Mythology With a Twist With These Local Novels

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 28, 2020 1:10am
Art by Dani Elevazo

When it comes to odd and magical creatures and stories, the Philippines has tons of tales to tell. As a diverse country, the Philippines has different mythological characters and they vary from region to region. We have a massive collection of myths and legends and it would be interesting to know these creatures in a different and deeper perspective.

Thanks to some of our local writers, we are able to have books about Filipino mythology--and they even put their own twists to it. Put them into your to-read list now!

The Mythology Class: A Graphic Novel (1999)
Arnold Arre

University of the Philippines Anthropology student Nicole Lacson has a passion for Filipino mythology. She races to recapture the engkantos that escaped and now causes disaster in the human world. Along the way, you will find references about the Filipino heroes like Kubin, Sulayman, and Lam-ang.

Ang Tikbalang Kung Kabilugan ng Buwan (2004)
Virgilio Almario

We all know the tikbalang as a mythological creature that is half-man, half-horse. It causes people to lose their way while traveling. But when the moon is full, what does a tikbalang do on a lonely night? Ang Tikbalang Kung Kabilugan ng Buwan will give you answers.

Naermyth (2010)
Karen Francisco

Naermyth tells the story of how the world ended, not because of prophecies or natural disasters, but because of the monsters we believed were myths. They were true and the monsters wiped out the human race. People could only turn to the Shepherd for help. The task was to protect the few humans who still thrived. When the Shepherd rescued Dorian from Dwende captivity, they realized he could be the only hope for redemption.

Alternative Alamat: Stories Inspired by Philippine Mythology (2011)
Edited by Paolo Chikiamco

Read 11 stories from contemporary Filipino authors in one book. Alternative Alamat features the indirect retellings of our local folklore (that includes gods of calamity, a peculiar ship, and a giant crab) wherein you develop a love for our own myths, epics, and legends.

Janus Silang Series (2014)
Edgar Calabia Samar

Combining the world of RPG and fantasy, Edgar Calabia Samar has an interesting way of introducing the Filipino mythology to his readers. The Janus Silang Series starts with Janus Silang playing in a tournament of TALA, an online RPG. One by one, its players die except for Janus. It then leads him to different adventures, starting with discovering the legend of Tiyanak mula sa Tábon.

Ang Pagbabalik ni Maria Makiling: Unang Aklat (2015)
Will P. Ortiz

Aya Aquiling turns twelve on December 12, 2012 and she is beyond excited. That’s why she couldn’t pay attention to the odd goings on in her surroundings. Aya doesn’t know she attracts stray animals and makes trees bear fruit. She didn’t focus on the backache she has. But her life is about to change when the clock strikes twelve on her birthday.

After Lambana (2016)
Eliza Victoria

After Lambana’s protagonist, Conrad, has a problem with his heart. And to prevent his impending doom, he finds ways to hook up with a diwata so he can find magic-derived treatment. Along the way, he will discover not only a cure, but also Lambana’s (realm of the Diwata) secrets.

These stories prove how rich Filipino creativity and culture are. Reimagining our mythological creatures into great stories can be a great way to introduce our epics and myths to the current generation and to the whole world.


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