This Movie Streaming Site

is Heaven for Local

Classic Film Enthusiasts

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 22, 2020 5:53pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


This Movie Streaming Site is Heaven for Local Classic Film Enthusiasts

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 22, 2020 5:53pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

How we love to watch films and series on different streaming platforms. Whether it's local or international, a good watch can always relieve our boredom and stress. Just in case you’ve watched every recommendation on the platform you’re subscribed in, MUBI can help you find recos away from your usual.

MUBI is “an online movie theater where you watch, discover, and discuss auteur cinema.” In here, you can find classic movies all over the world. With the vision to create a little cinema for the audience, the founders established MUBI to feature the visionary films that we don’t get to talk about much.

The founders would like to think MUBI is a little coffee shop where people can gather and talk about alternative endings and director’s cuts, and passionately argue about the film as a whole.

Ready to experience the classic movies MUBI has to offer? Here are our Pinoy classics recommendations:

Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag (1975) 
Directed by Lino Brocka

Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag tells the story of Julio and Ligaya, both of whom came from the simple life in marinduque. This depicts the struggle of people who traveled from the province as they try their luck in Metro Manila.

Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos (1976)
Directed by Mario O’Hara

Set during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos focuses on Rosario who is engaged to be married to a guerilla. Things go haywire when a Japanese soldier rapes Rosario, causing her to conceive a child.

Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising (1977)
Directed by Mike de Leon

This Mike de Leon classic is about a story of a forbidden love between Joey and Anna . Joey becomes captivated with Anna, but she’s already committed to her husband and child. Still, that doesn’t stop them from becoming intimate, but Anna constantly thinks of what would happen if they’ll be discovered.

Katorse (1980)
Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao

Katorse is a coming-of-age-film about Nene, who is easy-going until she gets pregnant at the age of 14. This 1980 film stars Dina Bonnevie, but you’re probably familiar with ABS-CBN’s series adaptation starring Erich Gonzales.

T-Bird at Ako (1982)
Directed by Danny Zialcita

This movie has a powerhouse cast featuring Nora Aunor as Sylvia and Vilma Santos as Sabel. Sylvia is a lawyer who became infatuated with a local dancer named Sabel. When Sabel faces a case, Sylvia bailed her out of jail and represented her in court, in hopes that this will make the former fall for her.

Karnal (1983)
Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya

Newlyweds Narcing and Puring decided to go to the man’s hometown. When Narcing’s father saw Puring, he was shocked to see her resemblance to his deceased wife. Then started a violent situation that will affect the couple's life.

Ang Babae sa Bintana (1998)
Directed by Chito S. Rono

Mitch becomes severely depressed after his wife leaves him. But he becomes distracted from his suffering when a woman moves into the house in front of his home. Little does he know, she will push him into the dark underworld of the capital city.

MUBI gives us a space to appreciate the movies we fail to notice. May this online streaming platform widen our understanding and appreciation to every kind of film, especially the Filipino classics.


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