Arts and Culture

The Cinemalaya Short Films

You Can Watch Online

for Free

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 22, 2020 8:34am

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Arts and Culture

The Cinemalaya Short Films You Can Watch Online for Free

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 22, 2020 8:34am
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Last March, the Cinemalaya authorities announced the postponement of the Cinemalaya Film Festival to secure their audience health. There will be no theater film showings for this year, but Cinemalaya still thinks the pandemic should not stop Filipino creativity.

For this year, Cinemalaya creates history as it conducts the Short Film Festival Competition online. It will continue to bring you new stories at your fingertips through this even, which will happen on August 14-23.

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As we are waiting for the entries, you can watch some of the Cinemalaya short films from the past years on Viddsee. Here are our recommendations:

Rolyo (2007)
Directed by Alvin Yapan

This Alvin Yapan short film gives us a glimpse of life in the rural areas of Bicol. It touches on the interesting practice of the folks wherein they surround the perimeter of their farmlands with film negatives to scare off the birds that eat the palay seeds.

Hazard (2011)
Directed by Mikhail Red

A story about family, a father and son discovered they have opposite principles in life while they are out driving. Their relationship becomes even more shaken when they had a disturbing discovery.

As He Sleeps (2012)
Directed by Sheron Dayoc

What happens when a woman is engaged in a sexless marriage? Christina is in her 30s but her husband fails to consummate their marriage as he is paralyzed. She is torn between fulfilling her desires and being faithful to her commitment as a wife.

Taya (2013)
Directed by Adi Bontuyan

Comparing childhood games to real life, Taya will open the eyes of the viewers about our country’s current situation. Turns out, our innocent childhood games can also be metaphors for our social issues.

Endless Room (2014)
Directed by Emerson Reyes

Endless Room focuses on a young couple after they had sex. Inside their room, they talk with only the four walls as their witnesses. Is it a story about love? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ina-Tay (2014)
Directed by Chloe Veloso

Ina-Tay is a comedy-melodrama film about a beautician named Elvis who finds out one day that he has a child. This proves an independently-produced LGBTQIA+ film doesn’t have to be about discrimination and oppresion at all times

LOLA (2014)
Directed by Kevin Ang

Set during Christmas time, LOLA focuses on a grandmother who spends her time doing chores. But the quiet afternoon was interrupted when an unexpected guest brings some deadly consequences.

We long to see the lively Cinemalaya Film Festival in the near future. This pandemic, too, shall pass, but in the meantime, let’s stay safe at home and watch the Online Cinemalaya Short Film Festival unfold.


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