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How Will You Adjust

to #NewNormal? These Young

Pros Share Their Plans

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 07, 2020 3:01am

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Vox Pop

How Will You Adjust to #NewNormal? These Young Pros Share Their Plans

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, May 07, 2020 3:01am
Art by Ahl Mirambel

The Enhanced Community Quarantine will (hopefully) end on May 15, but that doesn’t mean we will go back to normal eventually. Eight house leaders have proposed House Bill 6623 or the “New Normal for the Workplace and Public Spaces Act of 2020”. This bill will greatly affect how companies and businesses work, and even the flow of people in public places.

With this in mind, employees know they will have to adjust to the new system. Although they are not fully ready, they have plans that may help them get through this New Normal.

Mukhang magiging work from home na permanently ‘yung job ko, so there’s the big adjustment. Pero kahit na i-lift nila ang mga restrictions, hindi ako mapapanatag na lumabas. Also, wala namang nag-fail ngayon sa work, na-realize ng company na kaya naman na mag-work remotely. Problema lang talaga ‘yung comfort sa bahay. Ako medyo gusto ko ng office setup so pag na-announce na WFH forever, ang first adjustment is to set up an actual home office.

- Levi, Editor

I went home to Laguna before mag-lockdown. If ever ma-lift na ang ECQ, malaking hassle ito sa byahe pa lang. I can't imagine the flock of people na babalik for work and other business engagements. No more motorcycle taxis (Angkas) when I'm running late for work. Extra careful na ako going in and out sa dorm. Ang hirap nito kasi bedspace lang. Mas mapapadalas ang ligo sa isang araw. Then instead of going to the restaurants and karinderias to eat, I would probably be cooking my own food more often 

Mas maaga ang gising for work because of the adjustments sa transpo and sa buong sistema na ipatutupad sa bansa. The transition to the new normal could be a little bumpy but I'm pretty sure makaka-adjust din tayo eventually. With this, the keys are discipline and cooperation—and of course, remember we have the right to speak up and criticize the wrongdoings of our government.

- Shara, Event Coordinator

"The ECQ made me rethink my life goals and plans in life. But I'm really looking into changing careers, something that's either more essential or one that pays well, regardless of "passion". Lalo na when the state of media is not really looking good right now. Kasi ‘di naman talaga nag-change ‘yung needs ng family kahit sa "new normal". Mas naging mahirap pa nga siya i-access."

- Kai, Writer

Well, WFH isn't exactly new to me but this is the first time I'm working at home on a full-time sched. I'm already planning on sprucing up my room and my work corner because kahit na it's fine noon for three to four hours of writing, it's not as effective pala for productivity 'pag longer hours, five days a week. We were advised din naman na we won't be rushing back to the office as soon as the lockdown is lifted so the WFH stint could be extended for me.

This pandemic also made me the sole earner for our little family, since Papa isn't allowed to work and I'm also not letting him work din naman before the lockdown because he's aging and is sick a lot lately. I won't also meet up with anyone siguro until things settle for safety na rin, kahit na mukhang matagal-tagal pa 'yon.

- Dann, Copywriter

Balak ko maghanap ng bedspace malapit sa workplace ko para na rin sa safety ko at ng pamilya ko. Pero depende pa rin kung may mahahanap. Pwede rin naman ako mag-uwian from Ortigas to Bulacan kaso ang iniisip ko, paano ako makakauwi nang maayos dahil baka mas malala ang traffic ngayon. Makakauwi ba ako at all?

- Matt, Accounting Assistant

Bilang may-ari ng maliit na eatery, kung mawawala ung mga dine-in customers, lilimitahan 'yung number of dishes na iluluto at i-seserve. Hindi rin lahat ng employees mapapapasok sa trabaho. Hindi na araw araw 'yung pasok nila. Magdadagdag din ako ng dessert for take-out para may extra income.

- Marcy, Eatery owner

During this New Normal, there will be adjustments for each individual, for sure. We have different ways of coping when there’s still COVID-19 but let’s not forget the basics: wash your hands, wear a mask, don’t touch your face, and avoid physical contact as much as possible. In short, stay safe!


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