These LGUs are Role

Models in Serving Citizens

During ECQ

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, April 18, 2020 9:40pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


These LGUs are Role Models in Serving Citizens During ECQ

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, April 18, 2020 9:40pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

COVID-19 is not just a threat to our health, but to the livelihoods of many too. We call on to our government for aid as no one is prepared for the impact it has in store for our society. Unfortunately, there are news showing how the Local Government Units (LGUs) fail to meet the needs of those under their authority.

But there are towns and cities that deserve praise after their government leaders brought in support to the people. Here are some of their initiatives that we hope other LGUs would imitate.

Valenzuela’s Aid to Homeless People

The order to “stay at home” doesn’t apply to everyone, particularly to those who are homeless. These people are exposed to the virus so the Valenzuela City Government took them in for the time being, bringing them to a hotel as their temporary shelter. It even got the homeless people for a swab test.

Pasig’s Food Coupon for Students

Pasig City has captured the attention of people due to its great initiatives for people. It promoted the usage of drones for disinfection and shouldered the cash assistance of those not covered by social amelioration programs. Now, the city starts the giving out of food coupons for public school students to make sure they are free from malnutrition. These coupons can be used in Pasig Mega Market, Pasig Mobile Palengke, and other talipapa.

Marikina’s Massive Disinfection

Marikina wants to make sure public buildings and even the people are properly disinfected. There are misting/decontamination tents used to sanitize people before they enter into a certain establishment.

Makati’s Online Platform

To keep the city in check, the Makati government uses a portal that helps them monitor the COVID-19 cases. The data analytics helps them in contact tracing, making it easier for the authorities to determine the people who are under monitoring or investigation.

Manila’s Fast Action to Social Distancing Violation

You probably saw the Facebook post about how residents in Blumentritt began swarming in public markets despite the announcement that the ECQ is extended. The city government did not take this lightly and began implementing even more strict social distancing rules.

San Juan’s Stay Safe San Juan App

Stay Safe San Juan is a social distancing app aiming to take care of every family’s health. It can determine the possible symptoms of COVID-19 and San Juan’s health response team can give the user free consultations through video calls. 

Bocaue’s Purchase of Cordillera Farmers’ Goods as Relief

Instead of giving out the usual relief goods like canned products and instant noodles, the Bocaue Government bought vegetables from the farmers of Cordillera. This helps not only the Bocaue residents, but also the farmers make a living.

We hope every LGU will come up with holistic and creative ways to help the citizens. And even when the pandemic is over, may our government continue to help those who are in need. May this set an example for every leader, not to aim for fame, but to improve their constituents’ way of life.


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