Tech and Business

There’s a New Website

That Will Help You

‘Stay Safe’

by Inside Manila Team, April 17, 2020 6:32pm

Tech and Business

There’s a New Website That Will Help You ‘Stay Safe’

by Inside Manila Team, April 17, 2020 6:32pm

COVID-19 has got some people paranoid. When someone coughs or has a fever, we eventually associate it to the disease’s symptoms. While it’s okay to be cautious and aware of our health, it’s quite unhealthy to be in constant panic. So to confirm or invalidate your suspicions, a company developed a website that concerns your health status., an emergency response website for COVID-19, is developed by Multisys Technologies Corporation. This helps its users to determine their condition by letting them answer a series of questions regarding their health without disclosing their personal identities. The users’ responses then will generate results that classifies individuals as being in good health, or experiencing mild symptoms or severe conditions. landing page

The gathered information will help healthcare providers assist people with COVID-related health concerns. This data will be used into a “heat map,” which shows authorities the distribution of possible COVID cases in different areas. This real-time information will help authorities take proper actions to control the pandemic. In this way, we will be able to protect our loved ones and the community.

“It’s inspiring how our ‘bayanihan’ principle works. In our workplace, our sleepless programmers have eagerly worked hard, for days, to help the country by developing Now it’s our time to deliver, whether you are from the public or private sector, or just a concerned citizen,” MultiSys CEO and founder David Almirol, Jr. said.

Apart from the website, launched its mobile applications versions that will soon be available for Android and iOS devices.

To make it easier for the public to use this service, PLDT Enterprise has tied up with MultiSys, allowing Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers to access the site without consuming  mobile data allocations. Access to the application will also be free of charge for Smart subscribers. The company hopes this will empower citizens to their part in “flattening the curve.”

Let’s be responsible and aware of our health conditions and of the people around us. And just like the website itself says, stay safe at all times.

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