Accounts to Follow

#EducateNotDiscriminate: The Accounts With

“Educationally Woke” Information

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, April 15, 2020 11:47pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Accounts to Follow

#EducateNotDiscriminate: The Accounts With “Educationally Woke” Information

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, April 15, 2020 11:47pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

It’s important to stay updated with the news, especially when the COVID-19 is not just a threat to our physical and mental health, but also to our society. People tend to voice out their opinions about politics and social issues, urging people to be aware of the current affairs. This is a good thing, until some people would close their mind on other people’s point of view.

Being woke has its good things, but when people invalidate a person’s joy, saying they shouldn’t be too happy because there are families who are hungry, toxic woke culture happens. But news flash: we can inform people without shaming or discriminating against them. Maybe these accounts will inspire you to be kind while educating others.

Geloy Concepcion

Geloy Concepcion features photos of the circumstances during this ECQ on his Instagram account. There is one showing an impoverished community with a very important lesson about empathy: what separates you and the poor is just luck. He also calls to help one of our frontliners: the garbage collectors.

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Dakila Philippines

This artist collective for modern heroism is als a group of artist advocates who use their talents to spark change. True to what their aim is, Dakila Philippines shares news, features, and quotes from reliable sources and use their influence to promote donation drives for those in need.


Instead of attacking people who are uninformed, Lakan decided to do lectures to educate them. Check out his lecture on  Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which includes fighting against dehumanization (stripping off a person of human rights)--a timely topic during this enhanced community quarantine situation.

Young Filipino Advocates of Critical Thinking

Young Filipino Advocates of Critical Thinking or yFACTph encourages people to use social media responsibly. With all the information in our social networking sites, we should be wary of how we determine fake news from the truth. We need to be wise during these times to prevent the spread of fear and panic. yFACTph knows the thing we should not joke about. This organization spread awareness without spreading hate.


Assortedge is a media entity focused on contextual reporting and explanatory journalism. They put in easy-to-digest infographics and combat fake news too. They create conversations that make people think critically and be aware of the current issues we are facing--in this case the COVID-19.

Chel Diokno

The 2019 senatorial candidate chose to share links to donation drives and comprehensive information about COVID-19 over hate and negativity. In this way, he creates awareness among people regarding the needs of frontliners and impoverished communities. His posts call for action, engaging the people to help those who are in need. Also, kudos for this man for handling President Duterte’s “malaking ngipin” comment well.

Renato Reyes Jr.

Activist and musician Renato Reyes Jr. criticizes the government out of concern and not hate. He becomes a voice for the people and asks those unasked questions while providing information from credible sources. He urges the government to be transparent to the public.

May these people and groups inspire us to be better citizens of our country. We should be people who take a stand for what we think is right for the majority. Let’s be someone who criticizes but also does something to help.


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