The Real COVID-19 Stories

We Should All Take

Time to Read

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 25, 2020 1:09pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


The Real COVID-19 Stories We Should All Take Time to Read

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 25, 2020 1:09pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Because of the COVID-19, the authorities put the Philippines under community quarantine. The busy towns become quiet since there is no mass transportation available and most of the establishments are closed. During these times, we mostly see the big picture--medical personnel who are in need of Personal Protective Equipment, people who are hoarding items for hygiene, and the employees who are forced to work from home or go on leave.

But if we would see these stories separately, there are tales far more heartbreaking (sometimes heartwarming) than what we see on the mainstream media. 

The balut vendor with no customers

Everyone’s scared to go out but this balut vendor braved the dangerous environment so he could earn a living. Unfortunately, there are no people who dared to step outside. This left him little to none profit.

The jeepney driver with little passengers

Even before the government suspended the mass transportation systems, Mang Rey, a jeepney driver, barely made ends meet since COVID-19 spread throughout the country. Without passengers, he couldn’t provide the basic needs of his family, no money for food or rent.

The healthcare worker who can’t find a ride

The authorities have suspended most businesses but hospitals are one of the establishments that can’t close, especially at times like these. A registered nurse, Anne Singson, had to go on duty. But because there are no modes of transportation available, she walked from Cubao to Ortigas to get to the hospital she works for. Thankfully, there are now free shuttle services for the healthcare workers.

The security guard who shares his alcohol supply

Security guards are few of the people who have to work during the community quarantine. Nicko Gloria took this time to share his hygiene supply, like alcohol to passers by so he could at least help others during this pandemic in his own way.

The tricycle driver who offers free rides

COVID-19 pandemic turns some of the people into hoarders but others choose to be heroes. A tricycle driver chose the latter. Rai Carl posted about the Chung Bacunin, who gives free tricycle rides to healthcare workers or to those who would buy groceries and medicine.

The taho vendor who gives free taho to frontliners

It’s not easy to man the checkpoint until dawn adn taho vendor Mang Boyong understands this struggle. To help our military frontliners regain their strength, Mang Boyong gives away his taho to these heroes for free.

There lots of heart wrenching stories on social media, but there are still ones who can give us hope. We can only look forward to the day when the country is declared COVID-free and we hope that day is soon.


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