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You Can Take for


by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 19, 2020 1:51pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel

Tech and Business

Online Courses and Classes You Can Take for Free

by Anne Marielle Eugenio, March 19, 2020 1:51pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Staying at home may provide us time to rest and time to reflect. But apart from reconnecting our disconnected lives with other people, we can make our “quarantine period” a little bit productive. If you have a WiFi or data connection at home (a privilege indeed), you can browse for online classes and courses that wouldn’t cost you even a single centavo.

Learn about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and other skills that may be useful to you when the quarantine time is over.

How to Build a Startup - The Lean LaunchPad
Duration: Approx. One month

Have a heart for business? Or probably looking for inspiration and instruction to start one? The Lean LaunchPad will let you learn the key steps in building a successful startup. It involves everything we now know about startups, business models, customer relationships, even the resources and cost. You’ll be a successful entrepreneur in no time.

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Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

Duration: Two weeks

Now, if you want to grow your business even more, digital marketing is a skill you should learn. FutureLearn’s Digital Marketing class will teach you the strategies like  display advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and email marketing.

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Democratic Development
Stanford Online
Duration: 11 weeks

Stanford Online’s Democratic Development  is useful for college students who are preparing for a social science or political science class. But this class also aims to reach a wider international audience. Imagine learning about how history, politics, economics and others affect democracy for free. It might sound less appealing, but we’re sure you’ll come to love this subject. It might even inspire you to be a public servant, who knows?

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Event Management
Oxford Home Study Centre
Duration: 20 hours

Just in case you are wondering how event managers handle big gatherings like music festivals, an event management class will give you a peek at their work. Learn basics like the “five Ws” of event creation and event marketing. Maybe you’ll find your next calling here.

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Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology
University of Alberta via Coursera
Duration: 12 weeks

The prehistoric period is always fascinating to study--we won’t be surprised if you have a book about dinosaurs that you still keep on your shelf. If you are still hungry to learn about these dinos, the University of Alberta via Coursera offers a Dino 101 class. You can learn about their anatomy, eating habits, and extinction.

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Managing your Personal Finances

Duration: Varies

Learn how to handle your budget wisely while knowing how to grow your money. Improve your income, spending habits, and saving habits with this TESDA course.

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How to Make a Comic Book (Project-Centered Course)
Duration: Approx 20 hours

This is a course where you’ll have an actual output. You’ll spend the six hours studying about comic books and the next hours making one. This class requires one ream of 8.5x11 copy paper, #2 pencils and eraser, Sharpie-type fine point pens, ruler with inch measurements, and adjustable binding stapler. You should also have access to printers and/or scanners so you can share your work with Coursera peers.

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Make yourself productive during the times when you are given the chance to stay at home. Maximize what you have and try to learn something new whenever you can.


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